Draw killed during Yom Kippur, granddaughter get wings

סגן י’, השבוע. צילום: חיל האוויר

Lt. Col. Shimon killed 40 years ago, when he returned from a strike in Egypt during the Yom Kippur war. 40 years later, his granddaughter continues its way: she gets the wings plane and become navigates among the IAF

תאריך: 27/12/2012, 14:12    
מחבר: לילך גונן, אתר חיל האוויר

When she reached the final in battle, Lieutenant Navigator 10 fly Eagle fly (Skyhawks). While the course look forward to first flight, y. ‘s thoughts turned rather to the past 39 years. On the second day of Yom
Kippur occurred, Lt. Col. Shimon, to same plane just lifted off to make an attack in Egypt. On the way back, a shoulder-fired missile hit his plane and he was forced to abandon. “They found the plane, but there is no record of him. Really don’t know what happened to him, followed him, gone.
Tell Lieutenant y., “until the day is defined as a space burial place is unknown. My grandfather’s story is a question mark.

Y., the last course, not the only one who decided to join the air force, and following her grandfather: four children served in various roles. “I went out my full course rather than the title of the continuation of family,” she emphasized, “this is what I want to do, but it adds another layer to the family”.

Lieutenant y., didn’t know, found in the flight school little evidence the man was. “To some extent the course made me meet him and feel more connected to him,” she shares. “I’m very proud of my grandfather, proud to be here and to continue what he started.”

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