Dress up soldiers.

צילום:פלורית שויחט, דובר צה”ל

The volunteers in the southern command comprising approximately 1,300 volunteers from all over the South, the fun day volunteers are people with special needs. See command priority in the integration of the volunteer soldiers and strengthen their bond with the IDF

תאריך: 22/03/2011, 09:51    
מחבר: פלורית שויחט

The southern command’s existing volunteer week day to approximately 170 volunteers in command who are special needs, residents of the South, had a costume contests and a range of holiday village in Ashkelon. To the best of our traditions, the volunteers as they free-not just soldiers.

The southern command combined with high importance of the volunteer soldiers and strengthen the bond between them. “Volunteerism of populations in charge contributes
Their relevance to country, and contributes to readiness command, logistics officer
Command, Colonel Ron illouz. “We also bridges gaps in manpower are working from the soul, and although their output is limited in amount, is very high quality,” said light.

“The volunteers have proven time and again that the sky is the limit,” said the IDF site head of volunteers fed, major ones. “They choose
Don’t succumb to fate. For them and for their parents that they wear uniforms and badges that dream anymore. “

All told, including the southern command’s 1,300 volunteer volunteers from around the region, including a large population of elderly and bereaved families. The population with special needs a donor has been about 10 years, and every year. They
Volunteers at all bases in the South as a divisional training base jumpers, base logistics, Bogdan targeted around at Ketziot and more.

Main tndvotam focuses on handling the equipment, food packaging and household objects, refresh and volunteer in the food. Usually the owners needs to have hearing difficulties, mild to moderate mental retardation or disability issues, but mostly what it is property motivated to serve in the IDF.

Translated from Hebrew