Dressed in IDF: virtual new was to determine

The virtual store enables people to purchase clothing and footwear and shipping them home.

תאריך: 12/05/2014, 14:06    
מחבר: אלעד לביא

After Ebay and Amazon, IDF also developed the first virtual store on the Web: website is uniform all the way home ”
Work sponsored by the Center for technological and Logistics Directorate, the stores sold Internet arm serving permanent members, and in particular to the less accessible for fighters
Physical shops.

The stores sold to serve all members of the set of all arms and troops, with points accumulated permanent purchase that footwear products, military uniforms, jackets,
Shoes and caps. The shop sold the new virtual will offer the same detailed catalog
Products similar to catalog featuring stores selling basic equipment in Tel Hashomer, tirat hacarmel and premises. Every item that appears in the existing Web catalog lists the measures which
Can be ordered, and what roles the person determined eligible to receive it.

The man stated that until now wants to buy military clothing, had sometimes it takes the whole day, “explains רמ”ד and enterprise and erp (enterprise resource planning), major Center anglister service.
“Some of the set in distant bases or involved in coercive activities
Them to leave and only independently to the store. Therefore, the Web service
Save and new army, and resources that would normally they were required to spend, and allow them to continue in their ongoing operations. “
The new site supports any computer on the network
, And runs on a modified version for mobile devices. The products will be collected by the postal authority in the reservoirs and equipment up to the man’s House.
Fixed shipping cost 28 dollars, regardless of the item type and destination of the package. This is a fee that goes to the paycheck, and he can serve in units furthest to purchase products through the site.

“We anticipate that when they practice, the permanent members to use the new site as a preferred way, civil works, noted IDF Gili Berkovich, local systems and knowledge management, and project manager for the Center.
URL: https://madim.atal.idf.il/Login.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2fDefault.aspx

Translated from Hebrew