Dry wing conclude with satisfaction: significant declines in casualties and

היקף הנפגעים הנמוך ב-20 השנים האחרונות. צילום ארכיון

32% decrease in casualties in operational and several best spaces for 20 years. Next year continuing accelerated safety activities with an emphasis on the exclusion

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מחבר: יעל זהבי, אתר צה”ל

Many reduction trends recorded in terms of casualties and accidents in 2012. According to a data released by the Department of safety and quality control (Beck) of GoC army headquarters in internal changes made with the safety of the officers.

Among the prominent figures we can see a decrease of 17 percent in 2012 compared with 2011 worth all the time and service, and all levels-easy, medium and hard. In addition, you can see that the number of spaces in 2012 and on vacation is the lowest in the past 20 years.

“The emphasis is on proactive processes and actions of commanders before the accident and after. Certainly in view only the part of its quality and professionalism, “said Beck head, Col. Zvika.

Casualty figures while shooting.

In view of the extent of the casualties when a service only (no casualties on vacation) you can see big decline trend also; Between the years 2010 and 2011 decrease of 87 casualties, or the years 2011 and 2012, a decrease of 78 total injured.
All 15 percent decrease in casualties during service.

Dry wing conclude with satisfaction: significant declines in casualties and

INFOGRAPHIC: Jess Ben-ARUSH, the IDF spokesperson

This year the scope of casualties recorded during the operational activities since 2009 and is going on 33 casualties, including one space-cpl. Jean generation, who was killed in a car accident in the Golan, when a military patrol vehicle he was riding in with other soldiers turned over. This is a decrease of 32 per cent from 2011.

During training, there is a trend towards a reduction in casualties were of medium length or difficult compared to previous years; Decrease of 43 percent compared to 73 percent, and compared to 2010.

When that is the extent of the casualties also in decline-256 soldiers injured in 2012 while living, compared to 283 victims in 2011 and 365 injured in 2010.
Out of all the major events in routine activities, about 50 percent are accidents.

During the scope of casualties throughout the hardware damage decreased significantly
In 2012 compared to שנים2011 and 2010. Between 2011-2012 registered decrease of
20 percent (51 casualties in 2012, 77 injured in 2011), between the years 2010 to
2012 registered a decline of about 40 percent.

Significant destination posted by GoC army headquarters commander, Gen. Sami turgeman, and almost completely immaterial, is reducing the number of vehicle tapachviot at 25 percent. Indeed,
A decrease of 21 percent in atapachviot in 2012 in relation to the preceding year (89 tapachviot compared to 112). The fifth was ahatapachviot characteristic of fatigue or lack of sleep. Two-thirds of ahatapachviot resulting from the speed that does not correspond to the conditions of the road, entering a curve at high speed, and various problems stemming from a lack of professionalism.

Posted destination for 2013 is not through 70 total atapachviot.

Holidays and safety data on the road

The scope of the rule (all levels-easy, medium and hard) of soldiers on leave remains unchanged in recent years, and he stands at 56 soldiers (compared to 54 in 2011 and 56 in 2010). Despite the propaganda, and the various measures.
Through trying to prevent dry wing accidents on vacation of the soldiers, apparently
Because there is a slight rise in the number of casualties in road accidents even in 2012 with 47 casualties in road accidents in 2012 compared to 38 a year that preceded it.

Dry wing conclude with satisfaction: significant declines in casualties and

Photo: Wolf marmorstein, IDF spokesperson

However, since 2007, the year the war began “accidents”, there is a sharp decline in the number of casualties in road accidents. Despite this, accidents are still the number one reason for death soldiers on leave. Of the five spaces on vacation in the past year (the number of voids in the lowest recorded in the past 20 years) three killed in accidents and two drowned. In 2010-11 soldiers were killed in traffic accidents, one soldier killed in drowning accident, one soldier and another soldier in a sport and five soldiers were killed in 2010 in accidents and four other soldiers died in a shipwreck while being on vacation.

Another interesting statistic is that vacation, 40 40 of the soldiers injured in road accidents were involved in an accident with a motorcycle/scooter/ATV. In addition, it appears that most of the soldiers were given dialog in speed violations (55 percent of
The report) and to using a mobile device while driving (about 18 percent of the report).

Although hard data, there is also a positive side; Several IDF service spaces and on vacation in 2012 is the lowest in 11 years. Total killed nine
Soldiers in traffic accidents when six of them were killed.

Auto driver and helper app for reservists

During the last year has made the Safety Department of GoC army headquarters 212 conferences and lectures, which taught 13,135 soldiers and commanders. In addition, the training in the field of safety in the company commanders course, battalions and brigades. Total committed 33 safety school safety professional courses which trained approximately 1,000 soldiers, officers and officers.

In addition to the training and courses, Beck performed in 2012 as 450 reviews the various units to check in ktsoaiotam.

Dry wing conclude with satisfaction: significant declines in casualties and

In the field of road safety, tinkering in the class activity safety and quality control activities have been 1273 attended approximately 56,000 soldiers and soldiering.

In this field continues to buck the system implementation should (co-driver) that monitors in real-time what is happening inside the vehicle, starting the engine data and exceptional driving events, including sudden braking, drsties algae, sharp turns, changing lanes abruptly, “zgsogim” and speeding.

“When you look at the data see mniatit activity undoubtedly leads to reducing accidents and casualties,” said the head of Beck.

One of the main projects of Beck for 2013 is the approach the safety instructions of the reserve system, which currently cannot be updated in the change frequently. As a result, some come ready to practice. Working class about building a Web application, which will allow civil service personnel to keep up with orders.
Before reaching the ground.

Beyond the material body availing reserves, the application will serve both the regular commanders, who will be able anytime and anywhere to get from their mobile devices to locate and check in real time how they should act. The expectation is that in the end of 2013 which the site has been going to the net.

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