Dry wing vision: “iron dome” warriors.

New fire Center per Division is one of the fire arm capabilities. Gen. 9: new land rocket range have a maximum exactly?

תאריך: 24/05/2012, 11:06    
מחבר: עידן סונסינו, אתר צה”ל

The Commander of GoC army headquarters, Gen. Solomon (Sammy) turgeman, presented yesterday (Wednesday) at international fire arm plans to land development. Among other things, introduced the futuristic project champion of missile interception technology for mobile, which plans to focus on arm.

“The vision is to use fighters to fight the threat of the GDP (steep-trajectory s.),” explained Gen. turgeman, manipulate power at the front can use the intercept system, “iron dome”. Tourgeman said, the new system, which will allow fighters with rocket interception over enemy territory, and provide quality road location capabilities the launch position quickly. “To prevent injury to the neck, and the data that the new system will give time to know where and what shooters shoot.
This way we can locate closure fire in seconds. It also contributes to system attacks the enemy beyond the defensive capabilities “.

Construction of new fire centers for additional business division reminded the champion during the discussion.
In adapting the IDF’s advanced capabilities to new threats. “To match
Fire capabilities for urban warfare and, should take shooting them and were concentrated in the division level and move it to the center of every fire brigade, which will be able to adjust the fire fighters on the ground. The Assembly of the Division could operate all the advanced capabilities we built decades of comprehensive harnessing intelligence to come to the Center. It would be a very effective on small and effective Headquarters, “explained the champion.

In addition, the Commander of GoC army headquarters to the threat, which he said “the challenge today on” maneuver tactics. As part of the fight, said Maj. Gen. “forward combat teams that are relatively very visible today on the battlefield, get new abilities. Expand the intelligence control of the fighters. They will receive real-time information from all levels-Visual Intelligence eavesdropping intelligence, combat, and information collection built, everyone will be concentrated to the soldiers on the ground. “

In addition, focused on the control arm new fire abilities in the IDF forces soon.
The champion rockets land value is expected to be transferred to the end of the year.
“The rockets with a range of tens of miles to hit upon successful operational trials within less than five meters. This will take a significant part in coping with the changes in the combat environment, “noted general turgeman.

Another planner of weaponry to arm action, according to he פצמ”רים (mortar), adapted to the level of battalion, participate in the same fire, value
Intelligence integrated comprehensive goals and quick, he spoke at length various army officers during the last two days of the second Conference.

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