Due to the tension in the Egyptian border: southern command from established Northland Division

The Brigade Eilat is nowadays under 80th, will improve
The defence of the western border. Activity get the troops on the border and allow greater availability of operational events in the area.

תאריך: 24/11/2011, 15:18    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Southern command establishes new spatial Division operate under 80th next to that guy and the West. The establishment of Eilat was necessary Division published the Israel-Egypt border, that followed the coup in Egypt and intensified after the attack on route 12,
In August last.

The new Division will cut wrap and some Israel-Egypt border and whoever stands in her head is Colonel Amir abulafia used simultaneously as the marrow. Colonel abulafia is replaced in a few months by the Brigade Commander, Colonel Chris olansky 192, to be happy. Until complete hatm, going to southern command the sector, based on regular and reserve forces.

The establishment of the Division is expected to improve considerably the protection of the western border, in light of the tensions of the region in recent months. The officer, Lt. Col. 80th agenda Tal, said the newspaper “bamahane” that “distances here are so big, I had trouble controlling the forces and commanders had difficulty to get to quickly. Now, the Division enables better command and control over the region. “

“The combination of all these things give us better protection option.
Already starting to feel the improvement, has more powers, has operational effectiveness
And accessibility and availability for events is higher. “

The establishment of the Division is another preparations in the southern border, the guidance of Chief three months ago, a parent on staffing in the sector and changing the way in which IDF operational practice to secure the border and fence. He also ordered the army to reinforce its intelligence capacity, based on continental collection measures of collecting
The combat and intelligence gathering using unmanned miniature aircraft.

In addition to establishing Division, combat intelligence collection system reinforce troops in the sector, including many technological installation, too. In recent months, in fact, established a new combat collection battalion 80th Division, consisting of the existing battalions in the Eagle collection
Of southern command.

The new battalion, whose name has not been determined, was established as a result of the increase in the South as part of collection
The project “the hourglass” to build Egypt border barrier, and the increasing threat of Egyptian sector in Gaza. Today, Eagle Battalion had been responsible for the two sectors. “The formation of the new regiment will produce correct mode which are jungle headquarters of each sector in command, until today.
One jeep was responsible for collecting tasks in both divisions, “said רמ”ח combat collection
In mcas, Colonel foster. “As a result of the intensification of the threat and the growth in both sectors, has developed the understanding that we will establish another battalion. While we improve the infinite in both sectors.

Translated from Hebrew