During the night, IDF forces and fighters from the SJ district police in 24. Ambokshim arrested 16 suspected of involvement in terrorist activities and violent abuses people civilians and glittering in Barta’a, from ‘ the system c, was arrested. A-zbveda, East to Jamaica, stopped. In the West, the jazz system, was arrested. In Artah, Dr., arrested. In Georgia, from Nablus, was arrested “. In Salfit, Ramallah, was arrested from the popular Hamas terrorist organization active in ni’lin, from Ramallah, arrested system “3. in Beit Rima, from Ramallah, arrested system”. In Nabi Salih, from Ramallah, arrested system “. At the Qalandia checkpoint, East of Ramallah, arrested a wanted Hamas terrorist organization active in Hizma, East of Ramallah, was arrested. In ‘ Eizariya, from the East to me “, was arrested. In Surif, Dr. per month, to 3. In Beit Ummar, Dr. per month for me, was arrested. In Hebron arrested two wanted persons. In Yatta, Hebron, was arrested. In Dura, Hebron district, System 3. Of the investigation into a glittering plus within counterterrorism hatm folktale “Ephraim”, “Battalion” reshef fighters arrested tonight 3 suspected of hurling Molotov cocktails and axes in ni’lin.

Translated from Hebrew