“During which Hamas tried to free inmates will have the opposite result.”

אלוף אלון. צילום ארכיון: דובר צה”ל

In a special letter sent to his subordinates to draw up plays champion Nitzan Alon “operation return”, “concentration of effort will continue also in the next few days.”

תאריך: 19/06/2014, 14:15    
מחבר: אלוף ניצן אלון

Soldiers and commanders,

IDF central command found that the number of days in operation return ”
, Which began following the kidnapping of three teenagers in Judea and Samaria, Gilead Shaer, naftaly Frenkel and fagr. The operation targets are capturing the kidnappers and hostages Saturday focused effort cut the Etzion Judean, as damage to the power of Hamas and terrorist organizations.
The Marquis strain all פקמ”ז sectors at the same time, there is a command in the Defense effort t..

Many specials forces constantly initiated activities, aiming to bring to achieving the business goals.
In this framework, arrested more than 250 Hamas activists, most of them; Seizing weapons found in scanned over 1000 locations; And closed over ten corporate institutions which Hamas movement oxygen pipeline, including the offices of Al-Aqsa television channel. The detention of about 50 terrorists released in wake of Gilad Shalit by forces drag you for many years. Thus, during which Hamas prisoners tried to release brings the opposite results.

“During which Hamas tried to free inmates will have the opposite result.”

The struggle against terrorism, and Hamas in particular is an ongoing campaign, which lasts years, and is expected to be part of the reality of our lives also. The lengthy campaign dared may unfortunately to register adverse events such as kidnapping, along with dozens of events and avoid msochlim present task forces.

The current concentration of effort will continue in the days to come, too, so we must be patient and side length determination. We must protect the gzratno effectively and focused on infrastructure and the shell. Therefore, any control and any soldier, any
Mission and wave the sector, play an important role in achieving the goals.

We must continue to operate within the “steadfastness” in light of the objective, while preserving the value human life, and to ensure that we operate in mdithiot.

Translated from Hebrew