Duty soldiers can go abroad in the first utility – controls approved

This is a new command that is currently in the certification personnel Division
The IDF so far are not required to take a foreign soldiers in their first service, except on exceptional occasions

תאריך: 04/07/2012, 13:06    
מחבר: ירדן צור, “במחנה”

IDF personnel Directorate is expected to approve soon the port limits series
Abroad duty soldiers in service, subject to the approval of the Commander of the unit. So far they are not required to take a foreign soldiers in their first service, unless in exceptional cases-family and subject to special permission.

According to the existing Ordinance, the fighter formation soldiers allowed to leave the country to three times the length of military service, and the back-end system no more than twice. With the change, they required soldiers to go overseas without restriction, subject to the number of holidays they stand and put the foreign quota allocated them throughout the entire service – 28 days the Warrior and 21 to the formation.

“The current limits have created exceptional amount and bureaucracy that has no justification, and that soldiers were permitted to go abroad is a good reason, such as a family event, were required to sign a” service declines, explained ת”ש and רמ”ד care, combat major Anat קוצ’ינסקי. She said, “the purpose of the change is to adjust to reality and commands to exist, and reduce unnecessary bureaucracy.

The command is currently in the rotation and if approved, as fragile, she come into effect in the coming months, however, it does not apply to soldiers serving in duty already. “The discretion about when to exit abroad issued to commanders. As we captain who sets them out for normal and when it decides who may go abroad and who
No, explained Maj. קוצ’ינסקי.

Translated from Hebrew