Each scenario are: Benjamin חטמ”ר exercise extreme events line

הכוחות מתאמנים בשבוע שעבר. צילום: דובר צה”ל

Throwing, riots, labor security and even firing – Benjamin hatm don’t are any divisional exercise scenario. Brain: “there is an operational definition and understanding that anything can happen.”

תאריך: 14/04/2013, 10:17    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

With no pending hatm Benjamin per day: during the week I practiced the powers dealing with large-scale extreme event, regimental exercise. The Division’s Commander, Colonel Jose Pinto, said that “the object of this protection is our mission, and to do that the best we practice and continue to practice as much as we have.”

The current fool began on Sunday and ended Thursday, when he occupies on the test can handle successive events spread throughout the sector. “Will do as part of a permanent preparation happens in middle school, in readiness to escalation scenarios”, told IDF Colonel Pinto site. The forces which took part in the exercise are the Bette brigades currently in Benjamin: artillery battalion “Keren” duchifat battalion and Regiment “Tabor”, plus the reserve battalions, brigades and spatial defence Brigade headquarters. “As part of thanks we examine the work of the Division on its units to cope with large and intense events duration. This is not a localized event but consecutive different types, which is a significant escalation properties, “said.

Each scenario are: Benjamin חטמ”ר exercise extreme events line

Simulate demonstrations and throws stones. Hatm in exercise

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The central city, and etched its lands gory battles throughout the years.
This is a sector that will be dispersion when Selma, and numerous Division worked to prepare the best scenarios. Within the rule forces will practice dealing with events of various kinds, ranging from stone-throwing to event firing, axes, dealing with serious disturbances along with ongoing operational activities. In addition, the reserve forces rehearsed for quick recruitment Division, which according to, succeed. “These are people who still drink coffee that morning at home,
And several hours later practiced arrests during the night. We have an incredible availability of reserves and an impressive capability in dealing with the incidents, “said Colonel Pinto.

“Even tiny exercises were understanding that we must be
Ready anytime any mission, fundraising event, reserves and missions
To receive the means and powers, “he said, adding that” these important training
In the readiness forces, when the regimental exercise came at the height of battle procedure and process of preparing the Division for extreme events. “

The Division because there is no light will come to summarize the process, but to examine the fundamental and professional preparations and form the basis for the new work plan, from new insights and lessons learned process. According to, “preparations will do us good, and artists. Colonel Pinto concluded that “so far, my impression is that the old forces operational definition and understanding that anything can happen, and that our responsibility to prepare in the best possible way.”

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