Each scenario are: Northern command complete advanced barrier at the border.

הגדר בגבול הסורי, צילום: דובר צה”ל

Dozens of miles of fence already built in the southern Golan Heights near the border. The barrier includes advanced intelligence-gathering components including positioning and new cameras in each sector.

תאריך: 27/01/2013, 13:30    
מחבר: מתן גלין, אתר צה”ל

The top IDF engaged very seriously with the issue of changes in the Syrian border in the Golan Heights, and the General staff decided to prepare for every possibility. Among the decisions made, the border fence and the intelligence capabilities in the region will be strengthened.
In the last weeks IDF designed “volcano” dominates the area, in the form adopted for the project to enhance the security of cross-border intelligence gathering–and physical obstacles.

“All these elements are in the light of developments in the Syrian border and in preparation for the next day. We keep a chance and risk of hostile terrorist activity in the future, “explained Lieutenant Colonel Shai to IDF website Unger, ogdati of Engineering designed” volcano “, which is in charge of the project.

Each scenario are: Northern command complete advanced barrier at the border.

“This project includes a significant process of strengthening intelligence gathering, by positioning and new cameras every cut. In addition, erected a barrier fence line which will give more security to the surrounding communities, “explained Lieutenant Colonel Unger. Building
The fence is similar to the project “the hourglass” the Egyptian border, which proves its effectiveness
These days against all those factors, civil and military, who are trying to cross the border.

Height 5 ft fence, barbed wire and trenches, dugouts against Adam.
The work that began a month ago, is currently in process, when dozens of miles of border fence have been built so far in the southern Golan Heights near the border. “Initially we chose to invest the effort in areas close to civilian settlements, but I believe that make up all the Golan front in the same type of obstacle,” explained Lieutenant Colonel augner.

Strengthening evaluations in addition to increasing the number of troops staying on. In previous years it was customary to fill the Golan Heights reserve forces, these forces change גדס”ר Golani soldiers who perform an activity in the sector and provide solutions for building security
Set. Other forces which are taking part in the gathering are the forces which operate combat to high quality intelligence on what’s happening on the other side of the border, Barak battalion of the Golani Brigade manning Mount Hermon, and combat engineering forces of the brigades units that help to define jobs.

Translated from Hebrew