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Home front command exercise this week lead the national front, “a turning point
6, which simulate an earthquake damage in Israel. Chief: we also assist in training scenarios.
Similar emergency

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מחבר: רותם פסו ויפתח כרמלי, אתר צה”ל

Buildings and civilians panic rate percentage of runners, some lying on the ground as a severe shptsiot. “Further studies in schools and in all gardens, Jerusalem bridge collapsed and a fire raging on floors 43-45 in azrieli, buildings that threatens to consume the entire building,” announces the new edition anchor. It is a horror scenario, but fortunately this is just a perfect simulation of the home front command, as part of a study on earthquake preparedness.

Study the earthquakes strike took place last week at the base of the pest, the underlying פקע”ר manual (front command), as part of preparations to drill
“Point 6” taking place this week. The participants were senior officers of IDF lines, including the Commander of the home front command, major general Eyal Eisenberg and Deputy Chief of staff, Gen. Yair Naveh. The call also comes, Chief Lieutenant General Benny Gantz.

The soldiers took the civilian clothes according to their role as pedestrians or drivers and wandered among the ruins until the earthquake. The exercise’s rules scenario envisions earthquake with an intensity of 7.2 on the Richter scale. Focus: the Lebanese town of Marj ayyun, about six miles from the border. The city that absorbs damage in Afula. The exercise was attended by
The HFC forces K9 unit, the Joint Chiefs “Stinger” and assist IDF forces Corps “only intended operator run צמ”ה for search and rescue operations are required, “said the IDF site engineering officer, Brig. Gen. Yossi Morley.

In addition, the exercise conducted in cooperation with Israel, Ashkelon municipality authorities, fire crews and emergency and David.

It is no secret that Israel has to deal with an earthquake scenario that would make extensive destruction to buildings and to the civilian population. Throughout the study, presented in treatment stages
When this emergency-preparation stage and dedicated role, through cooperation with the police and local authorities for teaching the population to obtain the immediate response and initial response, which mark the start of the rescue operations. “The purpose of the active presentation is to understand the challenge and the national army is formed when quake, understanding command and control procedures require and for dealing with this incident, IDF explained during the simulation Col. Yoram Lev-ran, Commander bahad 16 (School of search and rescue of פקע”ר).

Action efforts when disaster, according to the HFC on the subject will be gathering information on the incident for versatile formulation situation, adopt a rescue teams and medical pioneer, adopting the population aimed at addressing the needs of homeless citizens and roof and effort of rebuilding critical infrastructure and logistics.

Research data presented by Colonel Lev-ran during the active presentation that most of the population is done running the rescue operation “In addition, there will be attempts to locate trapped using phones and listening to their calls. Most of them will be evacuated by relatives,
Specify by notice-ren. As a real time Greece won’t be the major rescue alert, be
Citizens. “In our lessons from the earthquake in Haiti, we know that tens of thousands of civilians rescued by relatives, while 142 trapped only rescued by more than 30 rescue forces. The relationship is clear, “explained Lt. Col. Golan coming, the Jazz (regimental training base).

Another lesson produced by the home front command earlier data is “silence” method.
“As part of the lessons of Versailles disaster, take in the silence and mute the screams of rescuers so that we could hear the cries of the trapped under the rubble,” elaborated in Colonel Lev-ran.

Chief: “no country’s national mission IDF agents”

Chief, Lieutenant General Benny Gantz, the study and referred to its importance. “Dealing with this scenario is important because it gives the tools to deal with an emergency scenario-a different kind of scope. Whatever be the reason – 10 missiles will fall in place.
One or an earthquake, “said another Chief Commander in the IDF as a national force trained and ready to assist. “You have to make the most of the strength of the army. There is no national task in a country that doesn’t want it, army and will not deplete the IDF event where future vision. No organization can be mission with large girth of forces and means, what gives breath-length event management, “explained Lt. General Gantz.

He noted that the Army Chief will not be a problem in allocating resources to handling, unless you run into another emergency event and then managed the resources accordingly. “You have to remember that the IDF is an army-army attacks the enemy and overwhelming aim to shorten the war and investing the most of the time, people and means. There are ranks
Means and time, “Lt. General Gantz, adding that” we are discussing the function of comparative advantage in point of time and in the event an earthquake we work in co-operation.
In sum, the importance of the home front command and function during emergencies. “Should proceed with simulations and make the exercise with the authorities. I have no doubt that this scenario and the home front command, run no less than any other unit, the Chief said.

Deputy Chief of staff, Maj. Gen. Yair Naveh, referring to the importance of cooperation during this event. “If we work in the immediate area of principles, life saving, command and control and communications, missile-export event also hired rented. Should derive lessons also world and learn things, “Deputy Chief argued, specify
Gen. Naveh the importance of intelligence. “Intelligence derived from survivors and from the environment. Must understand that there will be a disposal, a professional will seeds – and who best to it than the HFC? We work according to orders, in cooperation with the Israel Police and coordination, Vice Chief of staff said.

Front command: Commander “jointness is our course of action.”

The Commander of the home front command, major general Eyal Eisenberg, stressed the necessity
The batchonanot
Wide-scale event, you may visit the State of Israel. “The event.
National orders of magnitude that the State of Israel did not know. HomeFront goes through an experience that I don’t have the pencil colors to paint your painting. This is an event with thousands of dead and thousands of wounded “, said the champion. “Required for three main efforts: gathering, command and control, and most importantly – saving lives. Citizens expect the State to provide him redemption and Mazur, and NE and responsible. Our job is to generate anchors of stability, of resilience when broadcast emergency or disaster. “, said Commander פקע”ר.

The difficulty and the challenge that the IDF has to deal with, the OC, they require an integrated response. “Jointness is our way, and we have to deal with that emergency hand, claimed the champion. In sum, the aim of exercise “point 6” goes nationwide deployment. “It makes your neck
Israel to these scenarios. It’s also home to war scenarios in the discourse level. I encourage you to join us regularly between arms-enterprise and I am convinced we do best for Israel “, concluded with the Champ.

As part of the joint study earthquakes, devoted time to references from the participants, I poured light on empty conclusion. “The course is designed to give organizations
To better preparedness for an event can occur at any time, and you can prepare for and minimize damage. We’re doing it, led by the home front command and promote a general readiness issue, “explained the head of the home front command headquarters, Brig. Gen. boruch ezagui Tesler.

Jerusalem District Commander of פקע”ר, Colonel Chen Livni, said that” we understand the war scene and start manipulating troops in the rear would be necessary. The officer of the home front command, Col. Amir Eshel, easy extraction method implementation during the qualifications צה”ליות. “Maybe we should all IDF soldier receives the qualification of Defense and easy extraction, or worrying about the allocation of regular troops for rescue missions easier,” said Col. Eshel.
Head of operations in the Operations Directorate, Col. shmulik clemmie, referred to as advanced helps deal with all emergencies. “As part of my job in preparing the home front preparedness for war, I think the decision to engage in an earthquake is correct. This makes power multiplier of aspects involved — military, police and civilians. No matter if
Steep trajectory missile falls on the structure or building collapsed from the quake — the procedure is quite similar and it improves the readiness by sharing bodies “, said Col. clemmie.

Translated from Hebrew