Ear plugs ready: the troop capabilities blade “

צילום: דובר צה”ל

Hard to explain in words the itself once the explosion echoes the blinding light that hits you unexpectedly and leaves you nothing but sigh of admiration || In honor of Hanukkah joined regiment fighters capabilities view “Blade” of the combat engineering corps

תאריך: 10/12/2015, 15:00    
מחבר: נטע צ’חנובסקי, אתר צה”ל

Radio Super 10 seconds back, a huge explosion shook the area. The noise, the soles of the feet, gunpowder and adrenalin flood the air. “Blade” battalion fighters of the combat engineering corps behind Gaza sands watching open-mouthed at a mosque on it worked for a long time. A mosque where the hidden tunnel’s shaft. “The explosion was so big amount of explosives that can’t be forgotten, recover a patrol Division, Sgt. Eviatar spring. The lights fill the sky fire-colored and shiny reflecting soldiers the explosion did not leave room for doubt, mission accomplished. “When I looked at the sky and saw the power of the blast felt pride, I knew I had a big part in this,” says Sgt. Aviv.

In retrospect, we can point to this moment as a turning point in “Blade”. “After the fighting began to understand the significance of that support,” says Sgt. Aviv. “I can say unequivocally – without us he couldn’t happen.” He joined the company to battalion, Captain gnschr witnesses, “the operation demonstrated the meaning of combat engineering corps. In the past year were invested in the best means that led us to the highest point we are today, and seek only “.

Battalion fighters under “Blade” 7בפיקוד Brigade of the North taking a few explosions during military service, making fire and smoke to their best friends. Years after proven clearly documenting the battlefield, introduced last week, the advanced skills training command base (a) Eliakim. Among them, the occupation of the outskirts of the village of overcoming enemy obstacle breaching axes, destroying enemy infrastructure, and dealing with the underground threat.

To the length shown themselves engineering tools. Shpizzotz awesome sound and a car on the outskirts of built-up areas burned slowly neutralized Actual bulldozer that car without a problem, the Department has received the green light armor and also entered into the built-up area. At this stage it is likely that the viewers have already lost the hearing and eyes thought already accustomed to big explosions, but even larger explosion was able to surprise and dazzle the audience.

Within seconds all forces (mechanical engineering staff) weaponry warehouse blew up, underwater ground threat neutralized, the village acquired, and the display is complete. After half an hour of noise endless explosions, silence writhe around. Silence of the agreement. Agree that aid offers the battalion lived and the armor cannot be replaced. “The aim of the exhibit is to show your skills and achievements reached the regiment last year, IDF forces to seize them most useful”, said Lieutenant Colonel Max Nudelman. “We challenge ourselves and simulate scenarios that are closest to reality, to get to the relevant operational qualification to next fight.”

Ear plugs ready: the troop capabilities blade “

All engineering Regiment fighter knows how to perform various tasks. In an outbreak, and to building bridges, defusing mines engineering and help protect infantry troops and armor. “The armored divisions live and fight for all engineering tools,” said the Commander of the battalion, Lieutenant צמ”ה Department horizon dinur. “They understand they cause irreversible damage to the enemy, along with saving most of the soldiers”.

“Combat Engineering Corps provides space for more complex scenarios,” stated Chief Engineering Officer, Brig. Gen. Rahman lugasi. He is the example and role model for all related to creativity. “With many achievements from the past, combat engineering corps is facing many challenges he expected in the future. We prepare men for decision in every situation and in every place. “

Translated from Hebrew