Earth hour: IDF bases shut down the lights for the environment

בסיס הקרייה ב”שעת כדור הארץ”, צילום ארכיון: דו”צ

For the third year in a row in which the IDF participates in Earth Day of shutting some lights in major bases, symbolic and educational message to which it is possible to stop global warming by simple operations

תאריך: 21/04/2013, 14:57    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

This year share in project “Earth Hour” which entered on 22 April, Earth Day, by turning off the lights in the main bases for the benefit of lowering power consumption. Taking part in the IDF for the third year in a row, some shbaber participated in project lights out, during which observed declines in power consumption.

Lt. Col. Eyal Ezra, head of the environmental protection administration, said that “the simple operation of lights for just one hour, immediate effect on power consumption can be mapped using a message stating you can stop global warming by simple operations depend on each and every one of us.”

The butt called for soldiers and commanders to join the venture not only bases but also in their homes.
-Private and turn off the lights at the mission. “The commanders responsible to appoint an officer who follow the extinguishing lights in buildings and infrastructure which are mapped when relevant to project on the base and check power consumption before and after shutdown”, said Lt. Col. Ezra.

Translated from Hebrew