Eastern champion confirmed the resignation of major Gulf

מפקד הפיקוד קיבל את בקשתו וציין כי היא מעידה על איכותו ורמתו האישית כקצין בחטיבת הצנחנים. אלוף אבי מזרחי.

OC Central Command agreed at the behest of major Gulf, his Viper “Elad”
The Division’s paratroopers, which sought to end the role of personal responsibility for the incident that killed Sgt. Rotenberg “retirement” competition attests to the quality and personal level, “

תאריך: 18/01/2011, 14:23    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Tonight (Tuesday) met OC Central command, Maj. Gen. avi Mizrahi, with major Elad Peretz, Deputy Commander of Battalion “Viper” paratroopers. The meeting took place following the officer’s request to end his role in the background of recent events during labor body within the Gaza Strip.

During the conversation the officer returned to his request to finish his job out of a sense of personal responsibility as the senior field commander who commanded the event two weeks ago, during which killed Sgt. nadav Rotenberg and wounded four of his fighters. The Commander took command officer to request finished and said that the way in which
Select Act indicates its quality and personal level as an officer in the paratroopers brigade.

Remember two weeks ago IDF force identified a number of terrorists who were planting explosives near the security fence in the central Gaza Strip and firing mortars at them.
During the incident, ran one of the shells hit in combat. The incident killed Sgt. nadav Rotenberg, 20 from Moshav Ramot hashavim. He also injured a guest medium and three soldiers.

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