Education and Youth Corps exists to commemorate its first Memorial

For the first time hold a Memorial 75 its force, separate from the memorial ceremony that showcases the Brigade.:: education officer “Act for and strong military and ethical company and correct”

תאריך: 31/10/2011, 11:06    
מחבר: תמרה בן נתן, אתר צה”ל

For the first time in the history of the IDF took place last week in memory of martyrs memorial ceremony education and Youth Corps, separately from the Interior rests in honored, at the monument for the Martyrs Brigade and Corps in Pardes Hanna, took part and many senior military personnel, among them: head of personnel, Maj. Gen. Orna
In love, the youth and education officer, Brig. Gen. Ali shermister, Minister of education, Gideon sa’ar, Chairman of Yad LeBanim organization, Ali Ben there and many more.

“We are gathered here today to bow your head pain and cherish 75 educational force spaces are, without noticeable”, אכ”א her head,” this is the first time we have a separate ceremony for fallen IDF education Corps, separate from the rest, it’s with the understanding that education is a force that one special force, soldiers
And their families, “stated. A love of concern to ensure that the manpower Directorate, under which education and Youth Corps, will continue to do everything in their power to alleviate the pain of the bereaved families.

“Middle East countries undergo changes that are difficult to know the outcome in advance, therefore personnel should continue to be a key component in protecting State security. As last week realized that the IDF and the kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit force home, keep hope achieves the other obligations and will also
The rest of the hostages to their homes, “added a love.

“We remember the go, warriors and warriors, rear and front and know that we have to face what we have ordered them – and strong military and ethical company and right standing with them against the threats and challenges”, shermister, “send general education and Youth Corps and its controls are created in their hearts forever the memory of the fallen, wish for the return of the prisoners and missing persons and a speedy recovery for all those injured,” added education and youth officer.

What songs do you know Lady Ruthie, Vice’s mother-matter what songs do you know tank
Z l, who was murdered while he made her way home, to the bereaved families thing. “To write a few words about this tank is not so simple,” she said, “because in a few words to describe so much. So much happiness, humility, love, honesty, seriousness and sincerity. ” What songs do you know said the container was picked to lead Jewish children in a camp in Russia, chose to volunteer for service in the youth movement after years of thought before the army are the best years for contributing to the community. “Three days before the end of the course, Cadet officers school and headquarters, was killed by a tank. The PIN and got her diploma, “said.

“Some think that education is a service, that service is not in the core, on the contrary, what songs do you know”, “all full partners in action no matter what the role, each role and role he long chain link. By Mihal’s grave says: beets.
The first time I had trouble with writing, descended from the bus and killed on his way home, was not a fighter, at least not in the military setting. Over the years strengthened the belief that serving in the education Corps are fighters, maintaining educational values, the love of country, to maintain the spirit of volunteering, and giving.

“No words are correct and there is a real comfort to the bereaved families,” said Education Minister claimed, “there are no words to describe the yearning and grief.
You have to deal with every day. ” The Minister added that “the IDF assault is only army in the world, combines the claims that we are not here for the force, but the force of right. It is right that we believe is eternal. ” He explained that “upstairs.
50 years of educational force is strong and stable stone in Israel State educational, ecologically and mission partners initiative and example, this is the cornerstone
All educational activity which is “.

Translated from Hebrew