Education and Youth Corps held the cetiinio

קח”ר, תא”ל אלי שרמייסטר. צילום: דובר צה”ל

21 students were outstanding and evaluation activities in the Navy during the past year. קח”ר:” you create advanced. “

תאריך: 04/04/2012, 12:41    
מחבר: דניאלה בוקור, אתר צה”ל

Education and Youth Corps held last night (Tuesday) the cetiinio, Gala honouring outstanding students 21 and over the past year. The incident took place in the presence of
Education and youth officer, Brig. Gen. Ali shermister, Commander of the border police, Col. Capra
Hess, Commander of the חטמ”ר fresh, Col. Roy.

Beyond excellence list large corps, mentioned two honors which crowned the prestigious title of “President” excellence and nine other students have been excellent
Manpower Directorate.

Among the honors program: soldiers, “officers, non-commissioned officers and one civilian employee of the IDF The show “stole” especially Vice-Michal Elam, surprised by rank when you receive the certificate of excellence. The new Lieutenant received degrees from education and youth officer of the head and the hands of the Commander, Col. Roy חטמ”ר.

“Ongoing fighting terrorism, made the necessary security threats facing in the far background of the changes taking place around us that the future is not clear enough, preserving deterrence, maintaining the State, moral strength reinforcement as well as the answer to social gaps are just some of the many tasks facing us every day,” said Brig. Gen. shermister event. According to, “If you took that reminders before we got to the farm the last mountains of escalation in Gaza, as well as the slump in Toulouse against the backdrop of extreme ideology, provided these notes.

“A history of Israel and the State studied the size of the responsibility on the shoulders of the IDF, Brig. Gen. shermister continued,” Israel moves over the past year an important process in the evolution and fundamental questions with regard to the guiding values and characteristics of the long-awaited masterpiece “.

קח”ר added that” Unfortunately, experienced recently expressions of racism and offending the dignity of human beings of different cultures. Against those running education and Youth Corps in a continuous sequence and overdrive, embeds the educational programs and strengthen the partnership with the civilian system and contact with the youth. Promotes the values agenda, is IDF DIAdem, the common service and equal opportunities thus influenced the design of the IDF and the image of the company in Israel.

“Against the backdrop of the dynamic lifestyle and worn we try to time to stop and pause of the account and specify the appropriate and noteworthy, outstanding,” he said adding that “thanks to the people and we have good job quality and excellence, but of the pillar of fire before the camp, we create. Many soldiers and officers do their jobs well, few students.

The gifted education officer meeting and the main youth prior to the incident, and rank quickly
Share the great crowd of them. “It was not difficult to discern the qualifications, professional abilities and intelligence in impressive control you modesty, devotion
And a lot of commitment and action. Commanders were, we such soldiers and soldiering. Students, you insist and reach the top. Receive the appreciation many IDF name and in the name of education and Youth Corps.

Selected names

Private won Samet
CPL. Olga iroshnko
CPL. Palestine Ben-hamo
CPL. sbitelman she
CPL. Marina ontilov
CPL. Inbal shield
CPL. Eleanor David
CPL. Salome Cooney
CPL. Daniel Shaham
Sergeant Shlomo bar
Sgt. Ruth Samia
NetA beat icon
Sergeant Aldo

Second Lieutenant hot improve
Second Lieutenant GAL Raviv
Second Lieutenant Sharon abouloff
Lieutenant Mindy Elam
Superintendent (c) Ady Gil
Deputy 23 367e8c wave
Captain Dafna Cohen
IDF worker Natasha obolski citizen

Excellence President:

Corporal dawn gas
Lieutenant Berry Klein

Excellence אכ”א:

CPL. Daniel French.
CPL. Shirin Lianne
CPL. Golomb spring
CPL. ivory abdho
Lieutenant Azad Hussain
Deputy Heads Gershon
Lieutenant yahel zlana
Lt. Rachel Zachary
Lieutenant NetA Brut

Translated from Hebrew