Education Corps soldiers: democratic-photocopies pulled go vote!

צילום: דובר צה”ל

Videos, workshops and a special website launched military network to bring the voices of soldiers. “We tried to narrow down the types of activities that inter-party relations alongside the bride of” specific discussions

תאריך: 21/01/2013, 16:12    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

The smell in the air and election education and Youth Corps required special mission
Of continuing education activity and integrating the important vote on content. Education sector,
Confidence in this period also the advocacy activities towards the election, recently launched a website on the net. The website contains information on how to vote and the right of selection, as well as the importance of the democratic process in Israel.

In principle, the activity is concentrated towards the elections and the paper by Israeli election headquarters led by Colonel AVI barouh, but education and Youth Corps enlisted for the job. “We support in the propaganda dimension, of course without any connection to the political aspects,” said the IDF site education head, Lieutenant Colonel led kotík. The education and Youth Corps understands most regular soldiers realizes for the first time the right to vote because of their age. “We find very important in fact that IDF soldiers to encourage voting,” she added.

The float: the Navy started yesterday.

Commanders of IDF units in all rows are committed to educational value relating to elections, approved by the clip. “It is especially important that the soldiers give the country the best years, and committed to despite the souls. Therefore, the power to influence who gets the shots and what character will state becomes relevant.
In their eyes, “explained head education.

The choices in a formula requires him not to engage in significant political issues. “We took prompt indicating what education is allowed to move, and if they can’t, the Bush rules alone,” noted Lieutenant Colonel kotík. In training commanders, as part of a content deal with Jewish and Israeli identity, the potential for the development of political dialogue. “All year long to the IDF field or political party, and the issues are complex. We tried to narrow down the types of activities that inter-party relations alongside the bride of unique “discussions, education head.

Forever prohibited election propaganda in news bulletin. the State of Israel packed the central stations and other points in cities give troops vital information, but in principle forbidden to engage in political propaganda. “On the one hand, the IDF soldier is interested and read the newspapers these days, and igvsh his mind on a personal level. On the other hand, he must engage in multiparty elections, issues or activities or conviction.
Here within the Israel Defense Forces, Lt. Col. siiga kotík, “adding that” the IDF is apolitical body and bipartisan, and keep this in nature.

The difference between the individual and the military level, explained in the education and Youth Corps,
Is essential. “We don’t dispute the press bases because all the main headings dealing with elections and political issues. On the contrary – it is relevant and important to the soldier and igvsh will be exposed to public discourse. On the other hand, there is no place that will control and soldier or his offer or producing a kind of ‘ persuasion ‘ Panel or a panel dealing with “, emphasized Lieutenant Colonel kotík. During the election, all work with outside agencies
Passes rigorous supervision of the educational services center, includes activities that have potential.
For expressing political opinions.

In addition to the many civil campaigns encouraging citizens to go and vote, IDF also don’t forget to encourage the soldiers to exercise their democratic right. “There is a lesson
Specific calls for soldiers to go to vote, and we consider it of great importance, “Lieutenant Colonel summarized kotík.

Translated from Hebrew