Educators from the field.

The force also expanded its operations during operation “pillar”, including preparation for and value line layout that tutored women citizens of the South.

תאריך: 03/12/2012, 15:49    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

During operation “pillar” in the Gaza Strip, which has caused a painful blow to the terrorist organization Hamas, eyes were married to pilots of the air force reserve, and the home front command. However, education Corps deployed troops throughout the southern districts, follow his and proved its vitality to the IDF’s contact with the public and with the warriors.

“In General, the Corps was involved in several efforts, told IDF site education and youth officer (קח”ר), Brig. Gen. Ali shermister, when visiting a military band concert in front of reservists at Kibbutz Sa’ad in the South. Hundreds of soldiers in a jeep, including directories, job chapter נח”ל soldiers and airmen deployed in various communities in South Central and South of the country and provided assistance to civilians. “Among the soldiers and soldiering came to Beersheba, Netivot, Ashkelon and Sderot. It strengthens the civil resilience, “explained Brig. Gen. shermister. Airmen education role was to join forces with a population
Education in front of children and adolescents in shelters and Community institutions. “Soldiers led
The matter and do the work, depending on the tasks received from the home front command, specify קח”ר.

The ethical aspect warriors, the force collected maximum preparedness education of soldiers for possible action. “We made sure that every soldier who aims to combat operational activities be honest value-feeling aspects to mission importance.
Welcoming also the fighting and transferred by the commanders and personnel of the education Corps, Brigadier General shermister said. He said feedback from soldiers saw this activity contributes to the operational functioning. “We found that affects important and essential to the success of the mission. The army can fight and raise ethical dilemmas and discuss them, “said Brig. Gen. shermister.

Extra effort to which the Corps had promoted foster cultural education, is designed to strengthen the spirit of warriors and civilians alike. “We are all disciplines – history and importance of the right values of the southern residents to live their lives not under threat, and the culture and music ensembles who appeared in front of soldiers and civilians, said Brig. Gen. shermister.

Military bands, cultural industry and the production, assembly areas and also to the shelters in the southern districts. Long days are devoted their time to produce a happy respite
And strengthens. “The military bands are very deep and element is very strong in the Israeli national ethos, also because throughout the last four years and we increased the amount of Humvees, said Brig. Gen. shermister. Addition to reporting members of military bands capability, military bands and Veterans choose to volunteer and join the mission. “It warms
The heart and strengthen the bond between the regular reserve, and the Israeli army. They strengthen our resilience, “said קח”ר.

With the conclusion of operation after eight days of complicated realities, both in the education of the General dysfunction during the campaign. “The Israel Government’s ability to take decisions and the ability to kaovil’s military moves were leaning on two things – the ability and resilience. We were there to support them both, “said Brigadier General

Translated from Hebrew