Effect “pillar”: increased motivation to serve in the armored Corps

It estimated today at 1 November to the armored Corps and battalion at the אב”כ school. Chief: “the integration of the force through the critical verdict.”

תאריך: 26/11/2012, 09:23    
מחבר: רותם פסו ויעל זהבי, אתר צה”ל

Hundreds of soldiers joined yesterday (Mon) to the armored Corps and battalion
אב”כ of engineering. Chief, Lieutenant General Benny Gantz, raising to examine up close and talk to recruits about the importance of raising to the armored Corps and the end of operation and achievements “page. The visit also escorted Ali love אכ”א, champion, armor officer, Brig. Gen. Alireza tsafrir and Commander, Colonel Gil Ben-Shaul.

“You join the armored Corps has great heritage. Where he was, what he’s not active systems and where it is not, contact Chief fresh recruits.
“This day remembers you forever as one of the most important days in your life. The challenges around us and now it’s your turn to defend the country. Our confidence in your hands now, “he said. He also discussed the deployment of armored forces in the South during operation “pillar”. “A vast amount of deployed forces and was ready for any task. Each armor wars was a significant component in the ability of the IDF is equipped with advanced systems and advanced tanks, “explained Lt. General Gantz.

Additionally, spoke about the importance of general staff Gantz armored Corps in maneuvers. “The impact of the armored Corps is dramatic. Integration of the force, about his involvement in missions and combined arms attack on the way to the critical verdict-“, said. The General staff also Gantz motibedit fresh recruits and described that “the army runs on substantive considerations. He merges between personal desire and need. There is only one more important or less important. Paratroopers can’t without armor, armor cannot without
The air force and so on.

Significant increase in motivation and the parent shell service

Throughout the recruitment Center deployed throughout the day and engineering officers, who came to encourage recruits and provide them with essential information about the duration of their service. The Commander of the armored Corps, Lieutenant Colonel Ronen Tamir, referring to preparations for November and raising the motivation for service. “The draft would be good, especially in light of recent events. In our assessment, the operation raises motivation and saw a lot of our forces arrived in the area. Recruits come to affect and crucially, they contribute a lot to us, “said Lieutenant Colonel Tamir.

The Commander of a father, Lieutenant Colonel Gil rosman, the processes for increasing motivation to serve in the Corps’s parent, and attractiveness. “Some of our factual around holding of its symbiotic algae, and weapons.
We did a very thorough job in preparation for the draft and all recruits to get array. We ran, we went door-to-door and motivation is significant “, said Lieutenant Colonel rosman.
Capt. Aisha Smith, parent Regiment company d, explained on the relevant service. “we’re kind of the IDF’s vest if something in the non-conventional weapon happens, we’re the only ones who know and can deal with it. All threats in neighboring countries, and therefore the likelihood of having to deal with such scenarios, “he explained.

רנ”ג which Beaton, Sgt.-major discipline of the armor to the character recruitment
To apply over the years. “I was one of the many (to the shell),
And it was hard to recruit. However, the situation improved and today have more motivation to enlist. Although the soldiers are afraid, but after they log on to tanks they can’t leave. We get great people, “concluded רנ”ג Beaton.

Translated from Hebrew