Egypt border: terrorists opened fire on soldiers-casualties.


No casualties in the incident but damaged. IDF forces conducting sweeps in the region now. Charge head noted last week that recently prevented Chinese area over 10 fatal attacks infrastructures

תאריך: 22/07/2012, 15:58    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Terrorists today (Sunday) opened fire at a bus transporting soldiers in the area of Ein Netafim, Israel-Egypt border. There are no casualties but damage to the bus. IDF forces conducting sweeps in the region now.

Last June killed a civilian in an attack with anti-tank and light arms fire, firing, during work on the border fence at Egypt border Israel.

During a tour of the Ganz Chief a month ago in Egypt, said Israel’s border Chief
“Terrorist bases are emergent in Sinai. We expect Egypt to exercise their sovereignty. ” Last week the head of Gen. Aviv kochavi charge that “recently prevented more than 10 fatal attacks on infrastructure. Sinai is a secondary priority in the agenda of Egypt and nowadays takes place on infrastructure of axis attacks. “

Translated from Hebrew