The investigation revealed that the suspects acted systematically and died for millions of pockets. Seized dozens of computers, phones and documents and extensive property for hilotiachida request
Israel National Police last week arrested eight Israelis Netanya residents on suspicion that worked
Together in recent months and conned millions of euros from commercial companies in Europe. The activity
The postcard in the affair began after undercover investigation conducted by the unit.

According to the suspect, the suspects.
Worked systematically that claims to be sophisticated and turn to commercial companies in Europe, while posing others
Found in any connection with the companies and creating false representations designed support impersonation, in order
Cause companies to transfer funds to the account have thus far died millions euros. Along with achieving
The funds are suspected to have acted fraudulently conceal the funds just.

Conducted in the only suspects in the Office that used to make the suspected offenses and was captured, tens
Computers, phones and documents and cash worth about one million dollars and property, including vehicles,
For forfeiture request.

The investigation.
Is managed in cooperation with the tax authorities and diamond International Department in the State Attorney’s Office,
With the assistance of the anti-money laundering and terrorist financing and the economic enforcement Attorney combo
Central District.

The Magistrates Court in Rishon Lezion 2.5.16 the date the detention of eight suspects and later released
The only restrictive conditions one of them. The detention was extended until tomorrow.

The exposure
And join the activities and exposures in the investigative, intelligence, operational and technology
By the Israel Police and national police units in the area of fraud against companies
And citizens abroad, with similar properties methods of posing, creating false representation and more. Some of the activities
Are performed during investigation police Director Israel, such as the current and discharge, within
Managed enforcement cases in the world, and where suspected Israeli involvement.

In the framework of
One of the Affairs managed by law enforcement, the delayed National Unit 9
Suspects for questioning and searches, on suspicion of involvement of Israeli residents of
Lod, Jerusalem, Bat Yam, Holon, Tel Aviv and intelligence in large-scale fraud against corporations in various European countries, worth an estimated tens of millions of
Euro. The task is executed in cooperation with enforcement officials regarding overseas.

Translated from Hebrew