Ein Netafim massacre anniversary: on high line ever.


The security level was raised near Egypt’s border towns, route 12 has been improved and reopened to traffic and the border fence and kormat iron, concrete and advanced views. Subtotal

תאריך: 15/08/2012, 11:08    
מחבר: הדס דובדבני, אתר צה”ל

The bombing occurred a year ago that shook the situation between Israel and Egypt. While
Who for months was the revolution in Egypt away from the border of Sinai, on 18 August 2011 commit terrorist shooting attack towards Israel. Highway 12 then closed to traffic and the Defense began to implement a variety of answers to the newly created position. A year later, things look different and high readiness. Prove it is the precision of
The infiltration attempt by the IDF armoured personnel carrier in earlier this month.

The attack occurred in ein Netafim. Fifteen terrorists terrorist attack launched in December, including road Egged bus. Six civilians and two militants were killed in the attack, IDF forces had eliminated a number of terrorists. The incident led to the closure of route 12.
Among those killed was Sergeant Alla, a commander in the Golani Brigade involved in last may, received a commendation from the Chief southern command to function.
Sgt. Naftali was dropped after that led to the deaths of two ropes.

Immediately after the bombing closed Highway 12, and southern command that focus on solutions for direct fire. Finally opened the road to civilian traffic in February, only during the day. However, to be safe, follow each event in the sector over the past year the road was closed for several hours to several days. As part of the protection established the complexes, which were scattered at intervals of a few hundred metres to enable hiding vehicles during the Egypt border. Every few hundred yards there are now around a nice sign marked ‘ refuge ‘. In most cases this is a case of fire road from the border to the Egyptian it protects the vehicle.

Besides, the most prominent figure is hourglass project. It is a fence between
The Israel-Egypt border shaping iron and say these days. This is a complex, challenging obstacle and cannot. The fence is built into the ground and a thick rods. The fence there are “thltlity” and set all paths suitable compromised tour צה”לי, space blur and other obstacle. According to plans, the whole project is expected to be completed by the end of the current year. Once proved itself “Hourglass” is a shtusalm increase in construction.

Gaza Division also decided to increase the level of security in communities near the Israel-Egypt border, and set them as private “communities” or “me”, due to the rising level of threat in the region. This means that in the future the security components in these towns ithogbero and Netzarim and kadesh set inductive set.

Besides physical barriers, the troops were significantly cut and then attack the arms sector in 80th just swinging. But the most significant is the observation and intelligence measures that have developed. Against the backdrop of the regiment was established in March a new combat specialist collection in Egypt. The Regiment, “with”, dedicated to the Sinai region and collect intelligence and alerts against terrorist events in the region. Its Foundation came from directly modifying the situation on the western border. Solid defense and spread along the border. With the establishment of the Israel-Egypt border fence ensures wide coverage of Chinese area to prevent terrorist incidents.

Translated from Hebrew