Eisenberg: “we champion staggering away from regional stabilisation.”

The home front command Chief met with heads of regional councils, and the upheaval in the Middle East and the importance of national strength towards the possibility of emergency scenarios in the near future and the far

תאריך: 30/11/2011, 19:21    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

“We are in the Middle East regional Jolt didn’t know for years. This is a jolt of reporting “– so appreciated today (Wednesday) the Commander of the home front command, major general Eyal Eisenberg, the annual meeting of Heads of regional councils in Israel.
In his remarks, Gen. Eisenberg to jolt in the Middle East and the importance of the national resilience toward emergency scenarios in the near future and.

The home front command Chief was referring to the democratic process through some Arab countries following the revolutions which were, he said, using the social networks. “This reality has led regimes that we have known for decades had to deal with side effects not
Acknowledged. Some unsuccessful and at best-were, were dismissed and put under bars and bolt – were dismissed with a bullet in the head “, said the champion.

He also referred to General changes in Eisenberg and the ramifications of changes to the reality of Israel’s civil defense. “Previously required Israel to chrataim challenges in wars or operational events. Today, terrorism efforts exist in other patterns, because of access and attrition. In such a situation, the neck is weak and problematic ingredient, “said Commander of the HFC.

Gen. Eisenberg argued that since the second Lebanon war, during which 4,000 rockets fired into Israel State territory, between the potential enemy missile fire-power that seek to strengthen terrorist organizations. “Missiles directed towards the State of Israel and
The back of her head, and they can be Apollo launching. There is an increase in quantity, in Catalan, and ranges. In addition, the intention is to aim for the functional continuity, “said the champion. He said that the next war will focus on functional continuity and the ability to provide citizens affordable services that allow the functioning of the systems.

Moreover, the objective of the champion Eisenberg front command, and defines an outline for implementation. “Our goal is simple and clear: strengthening national resilience both in normal and emergency, for dealing with emergencies. We in the HFC ‘ sleeping with ‘ national resilience, “explained the champion.

“We must create an emergency procedure to the citizen is at the end of the chain, and lead policy
Civil Defense, “added the champion. He said five cornerstones that meet
The readiness and alert for emergency scenarios: warning, physical protection, local authorities, training and information and emergency organizations.

Another pointed out the champion Eisenberg on improvements to the home front command, like increasing the amount of horns and the creation of a reliable warning system and focused. “We are working closely with local authorities – we divided them targeted settlement scenarios and we grief programs after we’ve mapped the protected spaces. In addition, we are working on for multi-grade certification program valuable pedagogical to cope with emergencies, designed for children in grades 2, we run information and network information center with emergency Dispatcher and handed out instructions to the population, “he explained.

Toward the end of his remarks, Gen. Eisenberg to budgetary difficulties facing
The HFC. “There is a deplorable brake between the increase in threats and the lack of certainty around us and the budget cuts. When you see the chaos around you, I can’t even predict what wild day. In such a situation, they prepared and alert above all. This is the insurance
Ours. However, the home front command’s readiness level. and high alert, “said the champion.

Regarding the lack of a masked civilians, said Gen. Eisenberg that there only answer 60% of citizens, and Eclipse before management cannot remedy this situation in the short term. He said proper management of appropriations and correctly over the years were produce 95% of service in this field.

Translated from Hebrew