Eldon squadrons stop Red ב”צבע

At any given moment are from the Heron aircraft staffed, scouring the area. Apart from constructing an extensive intelligence and image quality of the Mel
Helps avoid damage to bystanders

תאריך: 20/11/2012, 22:32    
מחבר: שיר אהרון ברם, אתר חיל האוויר

Major Roy, run in the reserves, there was no need to wait for a phone call
Him to the squadron. As soon as you start performing “pillar” he took his things, went to Mel “Squadron” and immediately entered the trailer. “It.
Obviously, “it States. “We are working around the clock, without rest.

The role of the aircraft models (n) only grows with the years. Therefore, it’s no wonder the Heron Squadron aircraft taking part in operation “pillar” within the air continuously and are able to provide an extensive intelligence and quality image of Gaza to the Israeli air force and the army. “We moved to engagement and alert.
Increased, “says major, Deputy Commander of the first squadron Mel.”

“Even if there is a red color during the flight, we continue. The Squadron is feeling we are able to do our job the best, that’s why we’re here. “

Apart from the audio, Mel, whose roles range from trail mostly unable
To expose. One of the known and the new operators ‘ significant is trying to avoid civilian casualties. “We have to make sure no illegal population goals area involved, said major. “Even after the Act itself we come back and check.
The results followed “in addition, the pilot who accompanied by land forces regularly.
Ready for ground maneuver. Representatives from the Squadron and the ground forces conduct joint coordination, in order to prepare for a situation where a Heron aircraft accompany the Warriors alive. Everyone one goal: combine forces to create a winning collaboration.

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