Eliminated a terrorist squad of the world dealt with planning the attack

One of the squad members, Ahmad Sa’id Isma’il, was an accomplice in last June bombing in Israel-Egypt border. The bomber, along with other activists,
Plan a bus at the border.

תאריך: 05/08/2012, 16:54    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

In a joint IDF and general security service attacked today (Sunday) the IAF on southern Gaza Strip a terrorist cell belonging to the Organization “global jihad.” Accurate injury detected.
One of the squad members, Ahmad Sa’id Isma’il, 22 year-old resident of Gaza belonged to thpaach of “global jihad” in Gaza and Sinai. Was active in carrying out the attack on 18 June 2012 on Israel border
– Egypt, an attack killed an Israeli civilian.
These days, Ahmed Ismail and another activist, a 19-year-old Eid Nadi digested Rafah, were advancing more bombing against an Israeli target in Israel – Egypt border. While collaborating with other activists from the global jihad “from Gaza and Sinai.

The IDF spokesperson, Brig. Gen. Yoav Mordechai (Foley), said at the briefing military reporters that the squad eliminated another attack in progress similar to terrorist plots was cut through sands
Long term, immediate. The attack thwarted an actual terrorist attack prior to progress “.
Not suffer any attempt attacks against citizens of the State of Israel and IDF soldiers and continue to work with determination and strength against all causes which operates terrorism against the State of Israel.

Translated from Hebrew