Eliminated a terrorist who opened fire at the IDF force near the perimeter fence

The IDF force returned fire at the bomber by firing at IDF troops near the security fence in the northern Gaza Strip. No casualties and no damage

תאריך: 13/07/2012, 18:30    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

A open today (Friday) fire at IDF troops near the security fence in the northern Gaza Strip. The IDF force returned fire and identified hitting the target. No casualties and no damage.

Last aircraft supply-air firing from northern Gaza on preparations to launch fire-steep towards Israel territory. Accurate injury detected.

Last Tuesday, Israeli aircraft struck the base of terrorism and terrorist target in the southern Gaza Strip, belonging to the terrorist organization Hamas. Accurate vulnerability detected.
All our planes carry out their that safely to their bases. The attack is a response to the steep track towards Israel territory during the week.

On Monday, gunmen opened fire from the Gaza Strip scenes Yad Mordechai junction. There are no casualties but damage to property. The IDF returned fire toward the sources. Following the event alert was declared near towns where, upon completion of IDF scans the area returned to normal alert.

The IDF did not suffer any harm to civilians and soldiers, and will continue to act against anyone who is running against the State of Israel, the terrorist organization Hamas terrorism and address.

Translated from Hebrew