Eliminated senior activists of the Islamic Jihad’s rockets

In a joint IDF and SLA attacked a hideout of senior activists of the steep track gunfire in northern Gaza Strip. Exact damage detected on target

תאריך: 19/11/2012, 17:09    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Today (Monday) a short time ago, in a joint IDF and general security service, the IDF attacked a hideout of senior activists of the steep track of shooting the terrorist organization Islamic Jihad Palestinian in northern Gaza Strip. Accurate injury detected.
Instead of hiding something senior PIJ terrorist operatives who were injured in the attack:
Abu al-‘ ATA, a senior PIJ operative, councilman, military commander of the city.
Gaza on behalf of PIJ terrorist organization leads belligerent line against Israel, firing a long steep course set against Israel and integrated in production. Also, involved in planning attacks against Israel and involved in the long-range rockets.
And Taysir
Mahmoud Mohammad, a senior PIJ operative gaberi, born in 1972, resident of סג’עייה Turkman. Councillor of the military organization in the Gaza Strip and responsible for the case. He served as the Commander of the Brigade in Gaza City. Under roles in organizing the buck was involved.
Mobilizing many attacks toward Israeli targets, including shooting wide track and steep attacks IDF forces is an anchor and the authority and the enterprise buildup, serves as a source of authority and making military action against Israel.
In hatini, a senior from the value of the gas buildup in the Gaza Strip and preventive security chief. Involved in the long-range rockets.
Ramez PIJ operative military sword, born in 1976, סג’עייה resident Jadida, bag holder of information in Gaza City, as we and Taysir gaberi’s (head of the organization record buck in the Gaza Strip), a battalion commander Sheikh Radwan.

Translated from Hebrew