יועצת הרמטכ”ל לענייני נשים(יוהל”ן), תת-אלוף יהודית גריסרו

The day international woman of the year 2009 presents the issue of IDF women as one of the most important and significant breakthroughs in the last decade in an interview to the site
The IDF provides women’s Affairs Advisor, Brig. Gen. Yehudit Lolo, surprising data on the integration of women in the military and on the feminine.

תאריך: 08/03/2009, 10:52    
מחבר: רני סנה

Women constitute about a third of the army, and 90 percent of all roles are open. That this exposes women’s Affairs Advisor (יוהל”ן), Brigadier-General Yehudit Lolo, for international women’s day which falls today (Sunday). Another revealed that women comprise 26 percent of the officer corps, 12 percent of all the resistors and that open warfare roles teen girls. “2009 is the year we continue this service activity, you can’t imagine the military without women.
Simple and straightforward, “declares Brigadier General Alicia.

The roles open to women, who constitute a large percentage of women: the f they constitute more than 20% and also artillery, search and rescue units approximately 25 percent, 10 percent and MAG Karakal contingent of about 70 percent. Moreover, this year more combat role for women – a fighter. According to the air force squadron, there is today between third quarter Squadron is not women.
“The participation of women in the air force’s technical is impressive by any standard, and is the fruit of a decade’s efforts,” says. “All those destinations are open to women, they constitute a critical mass.” Another indicates General Alicia that 2008 was characterized by efforts to integrate women in technology, and arrays are starting the process even in the ordnance Corps.

In the field of the permanent ktsvent of women held a 40 percent female–in the last decade. Half the duty officers are women between 25-30 percent of the axles and asranim are women, and 12 percent of LTC facilities in the IDF are staffed by women. Added all
Thus, seven officers will be promoted to the rank of Colonel and promoted during 2009: the רמ”ח of FA funds (research administration development infrastructures, technologies and weapons) for the first time promoted
Hailit medical officer in the air force, the head of a think tank in the Center Dado, head of appeal in Ombudsman, budget Department at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs Chief Advisor
Finance (yoach), military prosecutor and head of the air force specification to its role during the year. “If we keep that commitment, dynamism and looks more beautiful performance also in the future,” says Brig. Gen. Lolo. The percentage of women is lower in resistors, 12% of the squadron following the likely roles that many array technology. “I assume the future will be even more women will be determine these arrays. We see this trend occurs before our eyes, except it occurs slowly and measure. “

In 2009 will be a focus on the issue of promoting recruitment to religious girls, led by Planning Division and personnel administration (תומכ”א) of אכ”א about half went to an officer that handles religious girls in Israel Defense Forces, under the command of the Squadron and the military.
Moreover, the future exist year-round appreciation and recognition to build religious sectors serving in the army, and make an effort to go to religious schools. “In the military serve hundreds of religious women who contribute outstanding contribution in education, intelligence and many other places, and have parallel religious life”, explains General Alicia. “We do quite a few activities to expose them and build options for options that reduce the dilemmas.”

International women’s day is excellent throughout the military–almost all arms wing, and the IDF command and are designated ‘ days. On Thursday.
The event was held under the auspices of the all the officers Lieutenant Colonel or higher and with their partners, “pause” the artistic Chief, according to Brig. Gen. Lolo. “I’m very happy
The fact that such a bold and utilized to upload on the agenda issues relating to women and to deliver content and exquisite. “

“I believe in faith and innocent girls who experience the military lift service contribution to the IDF and the State which is why they’re here,” says the squadron. “but I think girls serving in the military, especially those who have chosen a major role, are released from
The army as an invaluable asset shbanttan. Service experience for girls as for boys, is empowering and life experience. The girls are not conscripted into the army, more than we lose, they lose.

Translated from Hebrew