Ended a joint exercise between Israel’s air forces and Italy

צילום: חיל האוויר

During the exercise, which lasted a week in the region of Sardinia, tested operational capabilities in the rachuki areas and in describing existing space Israel new

תאריך: 02/11/2011, 13:34    
מחבר: קרן טוקטלי, אתר חיל האוויר

The Israeli air force has completed a joint exercise this week with the Italian air force. The exercise, held in Sardinia for a week, “Knights of the North” squadrons,
“The Jet” and “the Valley” mtissot the ה”ברק.

General practice training of operational capabilities in new areas and describe that don’t exist in Israel territory. This is not the first time that Israeli air force training in Sardinia. In the years
The Corps has several collaborations with foreign air forces of several goals. Among them, strengthening the relationship with foreign air forces from NATO’s combat doctrine, practice, operational capabilities in large and unknown areas and even to
Leaving a positive impression.

The Italian Air Force sent the “Eurofighter” Israeli pilots won two Italian them join the flight in the back seat. “It was pretty impressive,” said Maj. Danny a. סמ”ט, in the first jet Squadron”. “Significant capabilities that plane was very interesting to see.

“The experience of cooperation with the Italian Air Force was positive from any aspect of the matter,” said Lieutenant Colonel, Commander of the expedition. “There was an understanding and a very good operational during the flights together that quickly developed into friendship. Furthermore, we had the opportunity to fly in large areas, larger than the entire land of Israel which practiced describe is very complicated with many planes are not known for their abilities, “added Lieutenant Colonel opens.

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