Ended task to Bulgaria delegation: the bombing victims flown to Israel

הגעת פצועי הפיגוע לשטח ישראל. צילום: דובר צה”ל

With an air force plane landing and Interior closets Burgas bombing held a State ceremony at Ben Gurion Airport by terminating the mission came from bombing victims to Israel, she ordered the Gantz

תאריך: 19/07/2012, 22:50    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

IAF aircraft and about the soaring interiors cabinets tonight (Thursday) from Bulgaria on its way to Israel. With the landing plane held at Ben Gurion Airport “a pageant for lower cabinets. This is the last of the delegation to Bulgaria and landing to end a mission brought the victims from attack for the last line Israel Chief of staff, General Benjamin (Benny) Gantz.

Two aircraft of the Israeli air force took off this afternoon from Bulgaria and three wounded critically accompanied by a medical team led by Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Colonel doctor Uncle grain. The plane took off after the medical assessment made it clear that the medical condition allows the wounded flying to Israel.

Earlier landed in Israel 33 wounded after suicide bombing were flown by IDF medical mission left Bulgaria tonight. Brig. Gen. Dr. Itzik Kreis, Chief Medical Officer, today the status of the injured and said that “the situation better than most of them injured and a minority medium.” “The Chief is to leave immediately and bring the wounded as quickly as possible. We are based on equipment and personnel available and the IDF – took the unit 669 and best specialists perform initial evaluation, but it is a complex operation. ” He also said that “grace General posted an excellent collaboration with the Bulgarians and their emergency agencies.

The delegation landed in the country and began receiving the wounded, in collaboration with Dr. forces already in the country. The delegation can handle all types
The injuries and medical personnel members, 669 fighters and soldiers of the HFC.

The delegation deal with approximately 33 wounded are in Bulgaria. Two seriously injured in the attack, will be transferred to Sofia during a flight. Deputy Chief medical officer noted today that the event is not different from wounded in terrorist attacks in Israel and that most of the wounded were hurt by shrapnel, mostly.
According to the estimates, the delegation is supposed to finish its operations in the country until the afternoon.

Last night ordered the Gantz to the home front command, and air force medical corps to prepare for an airplane with a medical team of medical corps, and brought the attack victims in Burgas in Bulgaria to Israel. Medical power went to the scene of the attack, including specialists in orthopedics, trauma, intensive care, surgery, burns and children.
The IDF will make quality health assistance as required for the citizens of Israel, anytime and anywhere in the world.

Translated from Hebrew