Car accident about 150 drivers disqualified due to various violations, driving under the influence, speeding and overtaking from sochntmullch
Last weekend made Israel Police enforcement activities during which registered more than 1700
Reports of life-threatening offenses, of which 451 reports for speeding, 151 reports for
Dangerous overtaking and 203 reports for using a mobile phone while driving. As part of the enforcement activities
Disqualified drivers car accident about 150 due to these violations.

In activity
You can focus on advocacy and enforcement of driving under the influence. Approximately 4000 drivers arrived direct into position.
“Situational” established in order to perform a test cut after the and before dawn
The rudder.

At the end of
This week was delayed for testing the South as 40 for continuous separation line crossing on route 31 near blades,
While a danger to users of the road. Alcohol test found his body the amount.
Than allowed by law – 1305 McCoy driver was arrested and imprisoned, the disabled, the license has been revoked and he
Be brought to judgment in a proceeding.

Later, as a resident of the Center, is driving drunk at 835, when two months ago.
Only caught driving under the influence. The driver was arrested, the disabled, and is imported to the revoked license jurisdiction.

Other drivers were arrested and imprisoned after being caught driving a who never issued a driver’s license and a
Sculpture court them from getting a license.

Translated from Hebrew