Enlist to military police.

Many of today’s military service to the military police, and intelligence systems, confinement and murder investigations, along with ongoing operations in transitions

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מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

A lot of on uniforms and join today for military police corps. Soldiers with blue berets, approved for use in 1997 by the then Chief of general staff, Lipkin-Shahak and are inspired by the color of the beret, the British military police.
Join hundreds of soldiers on five values: detention, policing, investigations, training, intelligence and sleuthing.

The military police unit has a long history, since the establishment of the State Committee of
Today. The force started his career in the 1940s with a handful of military police in the Jewish Brigade of the British army, has become a major force in mobilizing aid and troops in the war of independence. In addition, army officers help protect besieged Jerusalem, led by convoys and Israeli assassinations of Arab gang robbery schemes during the fighting.

The six-day war were military police at a Central junction for Israel, Greece and some even converted fighters under army units. During the Yom Kippur war, military police participated in leading tools for the Suez Canal and in the regulation of IDF forces along the trench under heavy fire. Not many know that military police units also fought on all fronts in various settings of the infantry.

The service tracks the military police.

Setting options in the situation of the many that exist in the IDF, as apply includes five different values you enter each other and connected to another:

The array – soldiers and soldiering can become at basic guides of detention or arrest, and rooms for soldiers who will service deserted or committed crimes. Some women can creeps up the service factors (גחל”ת)
And to conduct preliminary interviews prisoners used bow master help and support activities. This is one of the arrays that are sold and a significant support for prisoners, while demonstrating assertiveness and using professional tools and commanding. Prison commanders and גחל”ת will be diagnoses of infantry Rifleman 02 level and purchase tools for professional courses over several months.

The investigations (am) – this is one of the most fascinating situation, responsible for investigating suspicious soldiers and members of the various offences. During its deployment throughout the country, there are two units for the treatment of serious and sensitive criminal cases: the central unit for special investigations (ימל”ם) and the national unit for fraud investigations (יאח”ה).
Among the researchers are investigating the accident investigators and criminal offences investigators. The training is carried out after the completion of basic training, and the course lasts for 10 weeks. The course taught soldiers to investigate, collect evidence, conduct scenes and use advanced technological means. Among the existing developments include photographic and technical recognition, various advanced laboratories used Israel Police and special field.

The brigades crossings – meaning most troops operational activities of the military police force, soldiers and airmen serve as security passes diagnostics that are stitched line in Judea and Samaria, and Jerusalem envelope. Their role is to prevent the entry of terrorists and weapons, prevent attacks, prevent border violations and assistance to terrorist organizations. Character will be trained for rovai, take five-week course. The setting options are the chassis Regiment cut Jerusalem envelope taoz battalion operating in the central command region.

The tutorial – this is your chance to guide novices in her training base 13 of the military police in Beit Lid. After training, the soldiers and airmen become instructors in one of the basic training or boot company, and can demonstrate teamwork and leadership, physical fitness, and values.

An array of intelligence and detection – this allows a variety of roles that deal with intelligence gathering, investigative, intelligence and research and as Chairman on duty can detective soldiers and soldiering to collect intelligence even in civilian areas and even covertly, to make observations about suspects and fugitives and Israel Police training and WinGate. In the intelligence Corps and soldiers can engage in criminal information gathering using polling techniques and investigation and discovery of high skill.

Things you didn’t know about military police corps

Along with the positions the terms force also other special roles that few can hear them. One of the functions of the military police in emergency treatment of prisoners of war. Operation kadesh had military officers in future Egyptian prisoners who were captured by Israel in the prisons established for them, and was also in the six day war.
During the Yom Kippur war, the Corps in Egypt and Syria captured and deactivated him special – the search for the missing from that war.

Apart from this fact, the Corps is home to several specialized units dealing with issues. The men (a central traffic control unit) is a special unit that enforces the rules of traffic on military drivers using sophisticated technologies.

The men (a central unit for special investigations) deals with the most serious crime in the army.
Includes high-quality soldiers with high professional skills. The Yes (national unit for fraud investigations) is the central unit for fighting economic crime and it has high abilities of soldiers in the triad. The new special unit in the force established in 2011 and the only guidance-cumulative infiltrators. The soldiers in the unit are specially trained seven weeks and he created to accompany the Israel border infiltrators to Egypt until their transfer, as well as facilities to handle goods that are perceived by the smugglers.

Translated from Hebrew