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מדריכות ה-ERP בתום הקורס, צילום: יסמין דר, אט”ל

Next year will move to a new resource management system, an advanced tool that enables total management of enterprise resources. The butt now devices that instructors will train your move

תאריך: 03/03/2013, 16:52    
מחבר: רוני צידון, אט“ל

In 2014 will move to the advanced resource management system, trained counselors today to help make the transition easier and provide training and support
Thousands of new users. ERP system from SAP is effective and advanced tools for managing includes: resource inventory, procurement, budget, maintenance, project management and more, and is used in an optimal design of tspokat.

Already a decade system is used the centers of technological and Logistics Directorate, to rate regional arms units, but only next year for use in all IDF.
And replace the old information systems. Using the system, for example, the Logistics Division in charge of storage and can more easily at any given time some equipment has a certain Regiment and is unfit for combat. “ERP system is one system that performs what do
Today a number of systems. It creates a snapshot, is more stable and efficient, and saves a lot of costs, “said Captain soifer clan night, body training development officer at
Computing and ERP instructors course instructor.

The ERP system will become the central system determines the logistics command, unfurls to the thousands of new users need to be trained on the system within 3-4 months. This is on me, arms, powerful vehicle technicians, contacts and logistic personnel in all military units will have to change their corporate culture and to learn a language
New to manage the inventory and maintenance of their regiments. “In this case, adjust the system, not the system. Therefore, the implementation and training sector is critical to the success of the project, “added Captain soifer clan.

The new guide trained in recent weeks the women that walk next year IDF units using advanced system. Today Matt has dozens of ERP and instructors between one half course per year. The unique profession and passes little rumor among prospective and need the day class girls may learn how to operate
And how does the IDF tspokat, alongside the instructive activities within different experiences and lessons in the IDF spirit theme and human dignity. At the end of the Guide to training support section
Implementation of ICT Department, training in frontal units, in addition to developing training materials.

Furthermore, they provide support in telephone service. In exercises and operations running 24/7 focus and guide the scattered units themselves to service immediately. “ב’עמוד
Okaptzati “cloud Logistics Center stationary southern command to guide and support users,
And the call was related to the operation, “said Moran, icon
The class command. “We used to call uses a lot of the call and when we met her face to face once she thanked us and invited us to lunch. Users appreciate all your help, and for us that’s a role and significant. If the response time of emergency can be a logistical failure during operation, the Save icon alkobi, went רס”פית.

In addition to the army, the track represents a quantum leap for citizenship guide too.
Faculty of ICT Department of training אט”ל for soldiering when companies release
High tech as John Bryce or NESS specializing in implementing information systems, guide has a demand for large projects. Such was the case of 22-year-old father, from the central region, consulting CENTERS. “I got to work before I got,” she said. “I worked in the field for eight months before study. I really enjoyed the role and the work citizens financial, too. “

Translated from Hebrew