Established park visitors of the future training in the Negev

פארק המבקרים החדש. צילום: אט”ל

Park visitors use the families living in the area. The Palm was quite a challenge and composed in collaboration with the Logistics Division and p

תאריך: 10/07/2012, 13:25    
מחבר: אלעד לביא, אט”ל

Those who pass the junction, where the future training will be seen against the backdrop of the desert Palm trees towering 70. The Palm trees are part of the Park.
The planned rise and represent a special collaboration between to Israeli society.

Park visitors will build out the training. It is intended to serve as games for families in outlying towns, stop on the road to Eilat and a meeting point for students and parents on campus. To the rich vegetation of Palm tintta inserted in this phase of the first Park,
The establishment of the Park was planting event multiplayer held in March this year.

Donated by the Association of Palm and do a Jordan Valley Kibbutz Gesher in the visitors probably Park. The connection between the city manager used by Lt.-Col. Res. Meir buskila, former Commander of the army unit carrying out and currently serves in the army reserves in principal. Waqar made contact with the Group and suggested that Palm Grove moved to the principal authority. Mayer worked hard to connect us. You could say that without him, all
The project was not carried out, “said r., City Manager Colonel Shalom alfasi.

The Palm was quite a challenge and composed in collaboration with the Logistics Division and p unit (heavy equipment), Palm trees uprooted and prepares transfer received treatment while the ground was prepared to receive. Finally they took the Palm
The arid Negev, shgovho of each tree can reach 10 meters.

“Every day we spent around a 15 length in 5 hours”, said the principal’s רמ”ד logistics, major 3nza. “All the planning and implementation of copy trees of this magnitude is not just business. Finally, after overworking that lasted about three weeks, the trees were planted in the ground. “They will be in their new, we’ll see them at the height of their glory,” added Maj. asnko. But this is just another step in building the Park in the coming months delay construction of walkways and garden games facilities for residents and visitors. Planned future construction of a huge shopping center to be constructed near the Park and serve
The needs of the community.

Translated from Hebrew