Even the pilots waiting impatiently for wings

On the pilot course for the Agency at the end of a cycle that will take place this week, 163 having their friends the new pilots, pride in a relationship quite challenging. Their side

תאריך: 26/12/2011, 13:02    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

“Pilot” might sound like an attractive title, but the reality is totally different. A pilot course to 163 for this week will affect not only on the new aircraft, but also for their friends in recent years – the same ones who were challenging the parity ב”סגירות hatapiina” of 28 days on base with no phone or communication. Besides telepathic communication, of course.

Despite the challenging conditions, the motto “good good pilots-pilot” sits with them and will continue to be a winner as long as the aircraft continues to be the most prestigious course in the IDF but personal talks we held with three companies of the pilots are going to finish the course, it turns out that the title is not always careful as it sounds. For the exciting ceremony, making the tissues and the hug and tell how the pilot course on the other.

“The hardest thing initially was to get used to the fact that cannot talk to each other every week goodbye, maybe once a month. It is impossible to catch what’s going on with them, if
They feel better if the steps “, tells us, catered in blue force operation administrators and manages relationships with future pilot, already two years. The close finish out close to the birthday of the first Aviator, so the two festivities together. “Upon completion of the course, I just hope he gets well and to see him again. Now that this phase of the request really is over, everything should be good, “she says.

Rotem, an officer in the Research Department in the intelligence Corps, was there for her pilot before you begin the course, and this week she’s done it with him. “In the second step of the Member, and subsequently download. He had to wait six months without base
Be the course and didn’t know if all continues. When he saw everyone keeps, he himself
Some left behind, “she says. However, the auspicious event was a week ago, when going out of sorts and they both knew that the final pilot finishes the course
Good luck.

Rotem says in in her 1, she went home for the weekend of her birthday, knowing that he “closes” at the base. While she plans to hang out with her friends, one of whom called her and called her to come down into the street. “When I got out I was surprised because my friend standing there and was going to stay with me for the rest of the weekend,” she says.

But there were other moments, too. “When he comes home, we’d spend a month on the calendar,” says Noah immigrant settlement. On Friday she will examine the psychometric test, a day after the company receives the pilot wings sparkle. Together, then they will go on a skiing holiday.

“Throughout the course it was very easy. We’ve been together almost before his class, and at first he promised me he would compensate me for waiting. I don’t feel I’m waiting. And he was right, “describes” immigrant when he was coming home, he said.
I do what I want. ” To mark the end of the course, wished him emigrate “will be ‘ it ‘-night Saturdays and finally start to enjoy the job.”

Tomorrow will have three mutual friends to sit facing the expansion orders giborian and wear the Lieutenant ranks on their shoulders. Two days later, apparently.
With the tissues, they survive as their satisfaction by name of best friends. “The pilots ‘ wives are waiting patiently for the weekend, only to realize that sometimes the wait.

Translated from Hebrew