“Even with the newest technologies, operational activities depends on the Warrior fitness

הרמטכ”ל גנץ. צילום ארכיון: דובר צה”ל

Chief of general staff, Benjamin (Benny) Gantz, a special fee for the month that opens today and explained that “in the past year deepened and extended combat fitness routines and physical.”

תאריך: 10/02/2013, 14:28    
מחבר: רא”ל בנימין (בני) גנץ

כושר קרבי
חודש הכושר והבריאות

In the next few weeks we should mention the month in the IDF, during which various units clean a variety of events designed to encourage a culture of physical activity and a healthy lifestyle and promote their health and of IDF and IDF commanders.

Last year mark position in health and fitness. Indeed, during the last year the increased and expanded sets of combat and physical fitness in the IDF on many levels: reinstate suddenly Championship combat fitness after three years, through adding groups
My swimming and running groups servants reserve
To change the dietary menu. It also was signed by the popular forum for IDF commanders to a healthy lifestyle. This Convention suggests the concept guiding us and our commitment to promoting gender-controls in the field as well as in professional, as well as the field-values and characters through using initiative and example.

Even these days, which is in the complex security challenges from outside and,
I see great importance in these events and even more so at this time. We arc faced with threats of various kinds, in between dealing with a single soldier to strategic threats in the form of hostile countries in the non-conventional measures cost. Against all this, military service and competency, derived from each unit and physical prowess of each Warrior-hoinis and critical to our ability to put an operational response to the various scenarios and not walking along mission.

“Even with the newest technologies, operational activities depends on the Warrior fitness

As a service is professional expertise, profound knowledge of her comes from with the military profession
The drills and fighting; Is the product of proper training and ongoing intensive and efficient functioning. Each competency, the individual is also the physical prowess and mental of the Warrior, which often nshnath puppet of operational action. Therefore you must act vigorously to promote a healthy lifestyle and a culture of physical activity. In recent years
We continue to bring in advanced weapons in the latest technologies, but
The secret of our strength remains always lag-her hand and spirit of fierce fighter wielding a gun.

IDF commanders,

You lay the responsibility to strengthen, improve and refine your capabilities. Vaccinated
IDF-our ability to further entrench the shield of the State of Israel depends on the quality of white–from which it is made: itnotan, oshron and preparedness of each one of the units
Each and every one of them, warriors and soldiers under pikodechm. A determined and ashiitchm correct, and masterpiece for proper ExampleFor your men of fitness, health, fitness and professionalism!

Translated from Hebrew