Everything that surrounds the tank.

צילום: דובר צה”ל

Armor Brigade to know to function properly, it needs arms, services
Medicine and supplies can become injured if Warrior, jam and food tanks. So keep
On the shell

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מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

Race to a million “,” armored version: about a month ago, took place as a service to the medical, logistics, and armament in competitions designed to test preparedness armour Brigade command. Between an envelope to the envelope, wanted the soldiers across the Golan, and performed tasks related to each profession. “it takes a lot of operative field, so we try to train our people in the best way possible,” said logistics officer of the armored brigade, major alarika.

“Advanced concept to perform as a service to all levels resulted from a decision to take it up a notch,” explained the easy therefore decided to divide today by medical supplies, arms, each profession would engage in related competitions in the field of operational,
And all the soldiers and officers. In the field of supply, participants conduct navigation contests the logistic echelons arrived from battalion and competed when in addition
Join trucks in emergencies by fighting forces and carrying fuel, ammunition and equipment. At any point where it’s power, was an envelope with the name of a device without ITM, which has the power to reach top speed. As noted, these facilities are those facilities have logistical forces them to reach in an emergency situation and not let them ITM but them was the same facility on their own, and thus found the.
“Basically all the preaching of the operative Brigade trucks,” said Maj. Ali, “who was who was won 161. If the team did not know where the device and know
The competition, both in war and trained “.

In the field of armaments was competition between teams of arms battalions of tank caterpillars and layouts, in addition to the issues that tmktsaim teams. In the field
Medicine conducted competitions also intended to examine the eligibility and the level of
Each team. “Convening all medical departments of each battalion, to meet, to formulate
Them and enable them to learn from each other, “one told the regimental medical officer, captain David Segal. In practice the participants medical treatment by teams, wearing one of a large number of injured, evacuation vessels, loading and loading capability and verification using
The תאג”דים layout, and an armored personnel carrier and work teams in the areas of fitness, including medical treatment after running and handling stress and injuries, which simulates battlefield treatment. Then the participants underwent testing at a very high level reference
And discourse on the subject of medical importance.

Maj. Jonathan mentioned that magnitude as exercise conducted this week not edited before, but focused training for professionals. “Today contributed to an understanding of the professional domain and there are excellent fabrics, plus competition and winning greatly raised the morale and qualification. The medical aspect, said that medical teams are crepe seeing in almost regimental formation, and today provided an opportunity to learn enough from each other to see how another team works, and what you can improve and take them to different teams.

Translated from Hebrew