“Everywhere, in all weather and every year we’re going to be there.”

צילום: דובר צה”ל

The day the Knesset held reserve today. This is an opportunity to say thanks to those who leave work and family and as if reporting to protect us || Retired Lt. Col. Sharon Zeid, Armored Division 401 headquarters head writes about it in the personal column

תאריך: 17/11/2015, 20:50    
מחבר: סא”ל במיל’ שרון זייד

General Manager in a big company, graduate student, teacher or employee at the Bank, one of those emergency surgery in the ground in the Division. Another one will come whenever you call to activate contact systems and third jumps as a pioneer to make division headquarters, drive, or restock food supplies.

If we look for the best setting to reserve members guess she ended with “we are Israel, which knows how to get some kind of citizenship to soldiers and the army. That means the army is building with Army Builder. On the day of the reserve personnel command will leave the agenda who knew and would immediately and no complaints.

We’re a generation that saw the trial of Ben Gurion depends on each Board bases: “to know whether handing the fate of Hebrew pioneer woman construction to the deserving commanders”. The famous Court not just talking about whether the commanders but also us-do we deserve? Do you as someone snaps with us as “shntzak”

The agenda of the reserve soldiers have very different lifestyles. Different brings a great challenge and privilege to command them. Command distance fades and human equality and values created between commanders for men. To me, the people are the basis of the values of the IDF-State protection of love of country and preserving human dignity.

When reserves are called to exercise in high heat or in the middle of winter, commanders know they could sit at that moment, but nonetheless calmer chose to attend. Reserve service teaches us the power of value harder than weather or comfort. These people are the core of our Division.

Reserve personnel, saying if we keep our values-base character only grow and affect.
Whether riots in Judea and Samaria, the threat from the North or South, we will be there. Still, with determination and understanding. We will be there as the regular commanders, shithalfo every year and all time. This is our right.

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Sincerity and appreciation to families members of the reserves, as strong support to our backs, we we

Lt.-Col. Res. Sharon Zeid

Translated from Hebrew