Explosion of grief.

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Blast in southern trials series designed to test future protection solutions. Among other things, examined a special facility that will provide a solution for apartments with no protection, and unique solutions for hospitals

תאריך: 22/02/2013, 14:45    
מחבר: דנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל

In the far south near Eilat, in recent months the HFC test series. The experiments, conducted in collaboration with נס”א (experimental quality Department), are designed to test the durability of various shielding solutions before the fall.
During the test, a series of command about 40 explosions, which test the durability of several Windows for protected areas, as well as specific protection solutions to various situations, including special protection solution in which MCM.

One of the protection solutions that were examined last week may help to hundreds of thousands of civilians.
Who live in old buildings It is a metal box about the size of a protected square feet, containing also אב”ך tent facility can be fold when you live and attach to the wall of the room, and open it in an emergency.

For checking and additional solutions, built by the home front command two concrete structures that simulate two old structure, including rooms with walls and partitions
From blocks. רמ”ד, Chief of research and development in the home front command, Lt. Col. Benny Brosh, said that the adoption of the measures require the approval of the Institute.

In one series of experiments, which took place last week, also a new type of steel window-window, allowing regular glass window installed in mm rather than reactive window. “The steel window Greece provides the required level of opacity, the window
The inside can be standard, “explained Lieutenant Colonel. “The emergency Guide to remove the glass Windows and steel window will serve both to protect against shrapnel and blast the sealing surface of conventional weapons”.

As part of preparations for the experiment, which examined the top Windows, built by the home front command two concrete buildings, including two installed the window walls, which were made by participating companies. Behind the Windows were placed plates which
Supposed to transpose parts of the vulnerability window if they fly into the room as a result of the blast. Near the site of the experiment equipment was a bunker, expanded cable channels whose job is to measure the volume and verify that the page exist full blast. In the center of the site, post an equal distance from the two buildings, cargo of TNT explosive tone type. “To get through the window should stand trial in several engineering criteria,” explained Lieutenant Colonel. “On the Windows to be opened after the explosion in order to rescue if necessary, to avoid conflicts and lead to the opening of more than two inches to allow sealing against אב”ך, “noted.

Explosion of grief.


Another type of Windows which will examine during the experiment, developed and designed specifically for medical centers, a joint project with the Ministry of health. “These mechanisms in Windows are similar to ordinary Windows that we’re testing, but are long and narrow to allow a patient lying in bed looking out the window,” said Lieutenant Colonel. “Because of their different dimensions we’re testing them individually. This is a joint effort of the home front command and the Ministry of health and welfare “.

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