Exposed new studies regarding the contribution of the education Corps during the Yom Kippur war

ארכיון צה”ל

During Symposium 40 years mark soldiers to war revealed the donation applies to boost the fighting spirit among the soldiers at the front. Educational officer and Chief youth: “continue
Positive momentum of action. “

תאריך: 29/10/2013, 15:03    
מחבר: אלעד הלפרין, אתר צה”ל

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מלחמת יום הכיפורים

The education seminar to commemorate 40 years of Yom Kippur last week was held in the Conference Center in Ramat efal. The Conference was held in the presence of אכ”א head, Maj. Gen. Ali love and youth and education officer (קח”ר), Brigadier General Avner Paz-cliff.
The seminar included four panel discussions on issues related to war, a meeting of officers with young warriors and dialogue between senior education officers from the war.

During the meetings held on to first enter research education Corps involvement and gadn. “We had a day of learning and knowledge on the one hand, and on the other hand it had to ask him questions,” said Brig. Gen. Abner Paz-cliff. “After this day education Corps officer can ask himself where the IDF today compared to the Yom Kippur war,
What is the role of education “, he added.

The research indicated the beginning of the war were transferred to commanders on the ground that the claimed that Israel is in good condition and win the enemy within days. “The main role of the Corps commanders would support to encourage the spirit of warriors and through press, radio, culture and leisure,” said Brigadier General Conference (RES) ichlson members, former IDF history רמ”ח and historian by profession.

Under the command of officer education and youth Minister Chief Brig. Gen. Shaul givoli, there were two major issues force had to deal with them–how Israel captured by surprise and what caused the shortage of weapons and equipment in the warehouse. “The answer I gave was force recruitment of approximately 1,000 teachers from various disciplines – the land, spirit, literature, academia and education. Question
Moved to appropriate content in front of soldiers, “explained but ichlson claimed that the information transmitted was sometimes incorrect.

Exposed new studies regarding the contribution of the education Corps during the Yom Kippur war

Primary education officer, Brig. Gen. Abner Paz. Photo: IDF

The studies concerning the involvement of education and force the gadn value in the same war in the winter of 1973 occurred for the first time, and added a significant element to maintain the fighting spirit. The studies focused on preparations to force war, lessons from the disabilities the field soldiers during propagation, the conclusions obtained in the investigation committees on the subject conducted after the fighting.

The seminar, held for the first time in which there is a direct dialogue between the education Corps officers and past officers of the force, intended to sum up the activity within the force to honor 40
Year for Yom Kippur. “The seminar is part of the mindset that we want to convey that the education officers will meet with education officers from those days to understand better what they’re running on emergency, said Conference Organizer heritage רמ”ד the IDF and the State in the education Corps, Maj. Victor Weisz. “We wanted to make officers think we ask questions and begin the process of learning. According to the comments I get on we managed, “added major Weiss.

After the ceremony, Brigadier General Avner Cliff-referring to his success. “It was a very successful day and special days where we learned, we knew and continued positive momentum of” force, concluded.

Translated from Hebrew