Extract against the clock

תרגיל החילוץ. צילום: דניאלה בוקור, אתר צה”ל

A week of search and rescue squads in the HFC comes closest to what feels like a disaster: trapped alive under the rubble “that simulates ו”בואש smell bodies fail to test cope under pressure.

תאריך: 28/05/2012, 12:19    
מחבר: דניאלה בוקור, אתר צה”ל

Cries broke out below levels the concrete jagged pieces. Among the boys sucking dirty boots and soldiers, who are working on clearing the rubble, leaning in and soothe the hurt “anything we call a medic!” A week of search and rescue squads, “Dawn”, “the ו”קדם seven months of fighting, not a means to illustrate dangerous earthquake. But don’t smell “Skunk”, wet tunnels or quicksand intimidate the sea November 2011: sons and daughters here to do the job.

Extract against the clock

Last Sunday, the soldiers okapzzo the starting point of the exercise. Since the end of
The weekend warriors אב”ך training range, ח”יר and rescue shosero the stories and sets from lists in various regions in the South of the country.  “The soldiers actually going through the experience.
The three main categories of training, “explains Jack in the rear, Lt. Col. Golan coming. “They started as lives and were ordered to find a terrorist squad, navigation and the undergrowth. After two hours they changed only okapzzo to fitness tests at sea, there’s a few more hours and the okapzzo earthquake. Faced with further אב”ך with the threat of war ‘, so to speak, during the night”.

“As soon as the sound of the clock sounds, supposedly dead” capture

In reality, Lieutenant Colonel announce events can roll easily and sometimes the work requires giving up sleep. To add also exercise pressure and adrenaline mode really tiresome, strove to build extremely realistic scenes: a combination of trapped, hiding wounded and similar dolls in different layers of the demolition site, using means to disperse demonstrations “Skunk” to simulate a stifling smell of bodies and changing environments. “When we combine ‘ live ‘ suddenly trapped soldiers cope otherwise”, Meg, “is no longer a puppet pulling out: he screams and cries and should consult an engineer to know how to extract and
Doctor to avoid further damage to the injured. “

“All the measures taken disaster based on things we’ve seen,” says Lieutenant Colonel coming.
“Some of the things we saw in Haiti, a member of the aiachch stiiano and other officers. For example, I remember the smells, the screams of people who needed help. ” To add more, combined in some cases with time clock pre-set
Because during the warrior to extract the wounded. “As soon as the sound of the clock sound capture supposedly died. It contributes to understanding that every second counts, “notes Lt. Col. coming.

Weeks of war are fairly new to the training of rescue squads, and as such
They are constantly changing. “This time, for example upgrading physical difficulty,” said, “in terms of the methodology of the exercise took care to maintain tension, which required much effort and thought on each stage. Many fighters used heavy tools, including tools. “We forced the warriors to not settle for small tools and go to the tools
The heavier, “notes,” we have also a new store פקע”ר, ל’נגוס ‘. elements, taking them and kicking them. The measure received only a month ago and the fighters know how to use it.

Tbavena girls world “with more motivation to such positions.”

Shahar bond company, Lieutenant Dana Dahan, looking for a warrior. Dana started
The 2006 military training as a warrior, Sting, but challenging promotion shachipsha more found herself drawn to the magic of search and rescue squads. “Search and rescue theme very winked at me,” she says, “I filled a number of roles changed from when he left. It is interesting, and just like the fighters. I see myself continuing at least until age 45, the early retirement age
And if it be strong enough will continue “.

Dawn Monet battalion 70% boys and 30% girls. The site is also run with the Warriors, Tomahawks and drilling and facts no less sweat and tears than boys. “Girls come with ever more motivated for such positions”, says Lieutenant Dahan, “Harry do shaping. The boys sometimes disappointed to discover them.
In the company, but once their job begins they understand how much he means. Besides the last cycles has a clear increase in motivation. More warriors would like search and rescue and understand that infantry line plugins just like any fighter anywhere. “

Besides the new regiment began two months ago in the HFC is shtchllat and better training in search and rescue squads. “Two months ago we started מ”כים first class who seeks, a. “the m.” the Corrs invested more and more want to go “.

Translated from Hebrew