Facing north

תרגיל ברמת הגולן. צילום: מתן פורטנוי, דובר צה”ל

While the upheaval in the Arab countries, Israel Defense Forces ‘ learning space ‘, preparing for the Northern campaign. Special review

תאריך: 16/01/2015, 13:12    
מחבר: אלעד הלפרין, אתר צה”ל


“I take everything איתן׳ ב׳צוק, translate it into the language North and try to figure out what to do against a unique challenge to this arena,” said Deputy Chief of staff, Gen. Yair Golan, before finishing his role as Commander of northern command. “It is clear that the northern sector threat is much greater, and probably will need to do much more emphasis and bigger intensity.”

Throughout the summer the entire Israel concentrated on sale in the South of the country, but the consequences for the northernmost border not too late to come. On the one hand, during the “Cliff” Hizbullah not firing from the North, support and champion learning Golan treated her was
Interoperability. “We had obviously Lebanon studying our fighting in Gaza from any angle they can and conclude, as all hostile to Israel”, head of planning for the Northern campaign in the air force, major. “In the months before the operation was against the arena prepared concentrations, but back to the North after the operation was. Along the way we had to see how the operation had affected him against.

Facing north

Golani Brigade practices in the Golan, last April.

The role of the section is to identify the trends observed in the various fronts, to understand their effects on staging the Israel border, crossing it with intelligence assessments, and decide how the air force will. In recent times following
Another section launched in דאע”ש Syria, power struggles between the various rebel factions and tmussotho of the Assad regime.

“דאע”ש are far from us. “

In recent months, more than ever, we can see how Syria, which three years ago was considered an enemy State and affecting the military, endangers Israel split into five dynamic entities to fight between themselves.
Today, the five parts are: Assad’s forces; Kurds in northern Syria;
Moderate forces in the Midwest who are struggling in what’s left of Assad’s Government in the West;
דאע”ש you mtatzm East-and being sawed off, the terrorist organization affiliated with Al-Qaeda,
Controls in the border crossing to Israel in Quneitra.

So far the IDF policy takes the bet of an observer. Despite a constant erosion of warring forces in Syria due to the ongoing fighting, saying that the sector is less challenging than in the past. Today, with each change that occurs between the warring parties, to decide how to prepare developments.

Facing north

Exercise in the Golan Heights, December
Photo: Portnoy, the IDF spokesperson

In the past four months registered a certain stagnation in the region’s northern border, without changes to the ג’בהת of Al-Quneitra area being sawed off. The events in Syria, where depth דאע”ש gaining power at the expense of the Islamic Jihad, are slashing their
The IDF.

“דאע”ש are far from us, but that doesn’t mean that there is no potential risk factors with a neighboring area are visible, “added Gen. Yair Golan then. “I don’t think we should exaggerate the threat, and we must not forget that the most significant threat is from the radical Shi’ite Islam, which is led by Iran and Hezbollah.

“Everything is possible.”

Changing reality in Syria’s neighbor Lebanon also discarded when Hizbullah to Assad’s help in the war against terrorist organizations that threaten his reign. During the summer, which happened in southern Israel, operation carried out sporadic rocket fire from Lebanon toward the northern border, but the State remained quiet. The Shi’ite organization involvement in the civil war in Syria only intensified. Meanwhile, Lebanese opposition to increased activity. This manifests itself in attacks against Hamas operatives, political protests and demonstrations of the civic activists are killed in combat in Syria.

This does not necessarily indicate weakening, as Syria’s continued disbanding created a reality where all demands could put hand over weapons. This development, according to the Northern campaign planning רמ”ד, keeping air force, advanced weapon system will indisputably organization may change the balance of power against the force. “Although it is conducted
More like the army, the desire of Hizbullah in connection with Israel remains to get to in any way he could, “explained major.

Facing north

Infantry combat exercises in the North this week.

After a quiet period in South Lebanon since the end of the second Lebanon war, the terrorist organization’s forces to their positions on the northern border. Furthermore, in the months since the end of the operation that the organization is trying to return to field duty in the border area and carried out several terrorist attacks.

The combination of these factors put in top alert. “As far as we are concerned, there are various scenarios that might lead to the opening of a campaign,” explained major. “Shooting a steep ascending the northern towns and villages, set, like the one on Mount Dov, or targeted penetration bombing near the fence – anything is possible on paper.

Facing north

Exercise Regiment’s sword in the Golan Heights, last December.
Photo: Portnoy, the IDF spokesperson

Every shooting scenario steep track, Northern air defence plays a significant role in the success in battle. Also in the air force and the home front command of course firing from the North today might be completely different from the southern system and the second Lebanon war.
Since the magnitude of the campaign will be completely different. “One of our greatest concerns is that citizens in Israel to think what they see Ethan ב’צוק ‘ high threat and has a magic solution,” explained the Commander of the regular swing front command, Colonel Yoram to survive. A major concern
The employer contacts the complacency of command is the opening act. “This is a challenge of this magnitude,” added Colonel to survive. “The only way for us to handle.
He, practice and training.

Translated from Hebrew