Family fall

משפחת שיר ביום חמישי האחרון. צילום: דובר צה”ל

Corporal Roy, completing the course in skydiving instructors last Thursday, joined by his father and older brother – parachuting instructors themselves. It seems to be hereditary.

תאריך: 03/06/2012, 18:46    
מחבר: נעמי רוט, ענף תקשורת, דובר צה”ל

CPL. Roy song finished last Thursday their course instructors drop arm. Unlike other soldiers, to Roy about the unique role since his brother and father serve as they stated and reserves.

“I always wanted to go and serve in the IDF parachuting instructor, tells Roy, a resident of Giv’at Brenner. Roy, born in the kibbutz was fulfilled last Thursday when his dream course instructors. “I really wanted to reach the role but had a problem with age.
The course is held once every two years, each year odd and I was intended to double year “. Alongside the desire to reach weight role to get Roy to service year, and reached a decision, and went in service at Kibbutz Samar.
It blends well with all. It was an enjoyable year, helped in its development and the children. “

Family fall

Roy successfully formulating paratroopers and sorts, and stated that he would like to go
To position the drop directory and any other role. After various sorts arrived.
Roy into the role so wanted, enlisted and boot camp. As part of several training ROI on the jump and explains that this is a crazy ב”הרגשה. “Over time you realize that to be with people, to know you, they give you all their personal security and you help them. It’s not an easy feeling but it’s a crazy feeling of power and a lot of responsibility. “

The parachute training is probably genetic interest in the song. “Father of Nahum was drafted in 72 ‘ parachute Creek, past the paratroopers and decided to take him to Prague. He was released after three years and making up the reserve today. Waves, man, 27, decided he wanted to be a parachute instructor following father. He arrived at the unit, unit, and remains to this day against (רס”ל). He is currently responsible for the folding wing parasailing “Department, Roy.

His father and brother of Roy went all the way with family connections and surprised him in the first. “My brother and my dad arrived on schedule and surprise. It was very exciting. They
Cost along to harvest and we moved in together the crazy experience, “says Roy, describes how his father excitedly gave him his long-awaited wings pin in the exciting position last Thursday.

Translated from Hebrew