Family Res.

Committed reserves probably runs in the family: the week of the reserve system, met two families share experiences together service about every 2

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מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

The sense of mission and commitment to reserves probably runs in the family.
At a time when recruitment and reserve service in particular are not trivial issues, two families from the iachm (intelligence unit-goals) of the Service Division 80 share together brothers partner serving as artillery cooperation officers, and two sisters who followed in the footsteps of father who volunteered for Army reserves for over 20 years.

Autumn and Arnon LaVie

“After I shot over a decade in reserve battalion to battalion observation, and now I am in my first employment”, said סמב”צית (Sergeant promotions-l) Marine Regiment. “Luckily, my little sister, autumn comes to employment before and it helped me a lot. I got a new regiment had very comfortable around me who was someone I was very close to her private life.

Marine says initially, members never believed that she and her sisters fall, due to lack of physical similarity. Her little sister, autumn, said that wasn’t even supposed to go on reserve service, and decided to volunteer. “The Magus who knows my dad.
For many years, said he’s looking for that battalion education. I really enjoyed the regular duty
And so it made sense to me to continue to contribute even after significant and feel “she describes.

“I feel proud of my girls. I’m glad I as a father I know who they are, and always smile at me when the guys from removed me regards, “said the father, Maj. (Res.) Arnon LaVie. Arnon itself started its service at Recon paratroopers left for OCs and released as from ב”עורב. His reserve service performed in many places until the arrival to iachm, and the day before recruiting the young daughter of autumn
Stopped volunteering at the age of 53. However, with the regiment and in particular with the Mag stayed tight, and Arnon himself feels still inseparable from.

“Eighteen months ago I got sick. The Mag would come to me, sometimes with a uniform, a reserve day, and stayed close to me when I was needed, “Arnon. According to him, it’s
Also the reason you choose to volunteer for the army reserves for many years, because “people with me.
Keeping me. We have become such a tight-knit bunch, today we meet twice a year and are travelling together. Ultimately, it is not easy to do a stakeout in the middle of a night patrol on frozen or set, but when you’re with good people that you love, everything is easier. “

And NIR field

“It’s always good to have someone to go to reserves,” laughs Maj. (Ret.) guy
Field. “I and the paper together on recruiting to Gunners. Eventually the service brought us together. Reserve a great opportunity to catch up daily life, family and work, “said Guy, who is a reserve service for 15 years.

“I see the service together in the most natural way and accept it as fact.
I’m not trying to relate it more, “said his brother, major (Ret.) NIR. “We
Serve in individual teams and each has more interaction with other guys from. But it’s a pity that we do the same job as press (artillery cooperation officer-Yun) and understand the world concepts. “

NIR came 10 years ago to battalion, and see how to set the two brothers together. “I didn’t ask many questions. I knew we got excellent battalion, and today we’re in a situation we share laughter Friday meals shares, only we understand, “he describes. Common years RES indeed revived the hearts, Greece daily ש”בחיי all of us busy busy and private life, and here we have some quality time, we get to talk with each other about personal issues, and there is a great advantage of that”.

Translated from Hebrew