Father’s eyes.

הילה שרון

When 13 other attacks occurred in her father’s restaurant during three months. The week finished private Hila Sharon ttzpithnit school – in order to prevent the next attack

תאריך: 07/07/2012, 21:22    
מחבר: מרום סיני, ענף תקשורת, דובר צה”ל

Private Sharon aura was only 13 when two attacks occurred in her father’s restaurant-restaurant “Mayor” at “the first bombing occurred in January 2006,” she remembers, “a suicide bomber from the Gaza Strip exploded inside the restaurant wasn’t Dad’s dead and wounded, but there were also lightly injured.”

While the attack was a night at home with her mother. “The phone rang and after
Mom replied I heard her scream. Nimbus realized that something good happened. Her mother went to the hospital to be with her father and she stayed at home with her brother and sister.
The first attack began the Sharon family rehabilitation and restoration. Are not described themselves in less than three months another attack occurs, the family business.
“The second attack was in April 2006, another bomber came from Gaza exploded in pop’s restaurant and had 11 dead and dozens wounded,” the word “Dad recovers injured in this attack, it was a shock for the whole family, we didn’t believe it would happen to us again.”
The word,
Then only in the seventh grade had been very incident. Suddenly she got a lot of responsibility, she should take care of two small brothers to intervene more in the House.
“It’s an event that dragged us to the process of family healing,” she says, and describes how it compared to other teens who start thinking about their military service toward the end of high school, after the second bombing military destiny: “it was clear to me even then that I wanted to do something that directly affect State security, I want to prevent
The following penetration, the next terror attack. “

The draft of the night occurred about three months ago, last April and during the last three months was ttzpithnit class. The week finished the night seminar, sought to achieve since the events that befell her family., ttzpithnit course.
“The course was very interesting, taught us how to keep fit and how to deal with terrorism.” Join aura ttzpithnit array, or unofficial name “the eyes of the country and to work it as .. the southwestern sector of the Gaza Strip. During the night you will need important role together with other ttzpithnit to discover alertness and professionalism and if necessary to give the troops on the ground. For the word, closure. “In obtzati
And as far as I’m concerned this is a closure is significant because I have the opportunity to avoid the loss, the next penetration to Israel. I keep the House, “she says.

Translated from Hebrew