Few noticed.

At tutang רס”ל, Commander of a” handful “of all subordinate astray cpl. Hanlon
Runs in the family. Despite the danger, the shells and snipers, relatives continue to repair Gaza fence shoulder to shoulder

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מחבר: הדס דובדבני, אתר צה”ל

On a hot summer day, the Sun won’t. The soldiers depart for operational or other commanders use the daylight hours to organize and residing, living at the mercy of the Sun. But the owls of the IDF, “few”, used to live at night.
Exported settings facilities to their operational activities in unseen and heavy blanket of sponsorship
Darkness. Gaza border fence is everything and they all set technician. There, in the few inches between Israel and the Gaza Strip area, the fence every night-life stories, both set technician of the same family, the State, from the same village.

The story of Sergeant Ruben tutang and corporal Aviel, Hanlon begins in northeastern India, a region which is home to the Bnei Menashe. A Jewish community discover that traditional lifestyles, is almost a continent in itself. Against the backdrop of a pure Zionist chose family of tutang רס”ל and multi Hanlon would immigrate to Israel before 7 and 18 years respectively.

Life on the edge characterized them, and maybe that’s launching in Kiryat Arba.
Family relationship a step away, and they grew up together despite gaps in ages. They close friends, living in a small space. Especially now that they serve together ב”קומץ”, they continue to live on the edge, shoulder to shoulder, in front of the Gaza Strip.

“I feel like I’m protecting the settlements around”

About six years ago, enters the new soldier Reuven tutang line and pins. Today he hangs out on his shoulders and hands rank sergeant major scarring, since she was hit by gunfire. When you ask him when it happened it burn in memory like a scar on the skin: June 6, 2008.

“It wasn’t a direct hit, but Ricochet is quick to soothe. Features
Calm and show, and he radiates joy and laughter, as if it is a book about the time he shot whilst fix the fence. “I was still in regular service. I saw the spark only
After a few seconds I realized that shooting. I was conscious, but I didn’t realize what happened until the driver
Said. I looked up and saw the injury. Only then I felt the pain. We hid behind the vehicle, and reactive spent dressing out and found another cuts fingers “, tells tutang רס”ל. He was evacuated to a hospital, where he stayed for three days.

Five months ago he was during recovery at home. He has been returned to a handful, the fence. “Shrapnel hit my hand and thumb nerves didn’t work. I was in rehab almost a year.
And this time I was supposed to be released. They asked me what I wanted to do and said ‘ look after rehabilitation, the world. And he’s really great – I’m still serving here, “he says.

And it’s not that thing. That same year, tutang’s father died. “I refused to leave.
I gave Heather 3 (TOS relief against the backdrop of marital status, to ensure at least three nights a week at h-d). The next time I went I wasn’t afraid, I decided to continue and to be released. Got back just in time to cast and all I had to do a cervical vertebrae during operation cast lead – did her “. Due to his extraordinary commitment received in 2009 the best President.

Today, four years later, he continues to go on, this time as Deputy Commander of a handful of Division
In northern Gaza. “Some say a permanent service is for. It’s not the salary. I wouldn’t risk my life every day for money. I’m doing this because I feel like I’m protecting all communities. Because without us there is nothing to protect the population. Although not born in Israel, but it’s important to me “, tutang רס”ל.

Without a pinch of fear.

It turned out that one of his subordinates of tutang רס”ל, Deputy Commander of” a handful “of North Division, is a corporal, an excellent stay. “I wanted to be a fighter and Caracal. I realized it was not what I was looking for. I found myself a car mechanic on the base of arms shraovn asked me to join him at a handful, “explains quietly like him, corporal technician, currently set for the Northern Division. Image-wise, they smile, no numbers to the mnelon. On the contrary, because the family relationship is getting more work.
To be fair.

“For years we heard from Reuben on the unit, and I knew that’s what I want. Everyone in my family have served and serve in combat roles, and the surface doesn’t scare us. Even though my family was hit by a ball, I’m not afraid of shooting on the set during repairs – that’s how it is when you live in the territories, “he says,” each the first shot me was when I was in fourth grade, when we got back from a trip during the intifada. We had attacks, intrusions, targeted shots. Everything. So I wont. True, but it’s stressful.
Not cause or consideration. I want my service despite the danger, “says corporal from Hanlon and adds:” I wanted to be in Gaza, this critical work.

Translated from Hebrew