Fighter Squadron: “shooting at us all the time.”

דובר צה”ל

One of the wounded fighters control the Mavi Marmara said father
Has been and his lynching. “Every human being that, taken 3-4 people and just blew
Him up. ” He said the fighters did not expect such a reception “-they came for war.”

תאריך: 31/05/2010, 20:00    
מחבר: ארנון בן דרור

One of the fighters who took part in the naval commando takeover of the Mavi Marmara, father
And broke his hand in the attack of the ship passengers, described the events: “any person who, taken three or four people and just blew him up. Did we Lynch. They were with clubs, machetes, slingshots, metal, glass bottles.
At some point there was also a live firing two guys.

“I went and saw between the boys scattered, each in his own corner, with
3-4 people. I saw a soldier on the ground with two mopcecim. I peeled them off, and they moved me and started hitting me with the rods. So I guess I broke my hand. At that moment I was unarmed, as anyone who has dropped a rope, with bare hands.
ה’פיינט Bull’s gun ‘.

“They came and attacked me, I dropped them to the floor, took a few steps back, pulled ה’פיינטבול. They charge me. One of the questions weapon and smashed the gun, how to keep them. At this point, my hand is no longer functioning.

“One of our guys got shot in the stomach.”

Naval fighter described how fighters shot at the Hall: “I saw two of my friend lying on the ground. The hallway shooting at us all the time.
Kiss live bullets. Identified, and one of us shoots. Then we went and it wasn’t there. About 30 people, they came to war. We came to the line, talk to them that go down to the bottom, but every human being that they charge.

“There were guys who got them to the floor below, and download them. They jumped into the sea as a last resort. They told us if they don’t listen, shoot foot ב’פיינט Bull.
This gun if you feel danger not supposed to happen, something completely unusual. But finally it happened. In the end we arrived at this situation.

“We came to stop the ship and take it to Ashdod, instead we have weapons. We came to something else entirely.

The fighter told how he found on one of them searched two Japanese knives, knife, Mace, tear gas and pepper gas. “We started to treat our wounded.
We started to treat the wounded, “said. “Our leader took a bullet in the leg and another guy got shot in the stomach.

Translated from Hebrew