Fire training

“Steel” decorated a month course which emphasizes the importance of integrating the arms on the battlefield. “Combined arms we can decide its value.”

תאריך: 06/03/2012, 11:01    
מחבר: פלורית שויחט, אתר צה”ל

From year to year increases in understanding that the crucial battle depends on combined arms between various forces, which provide protection to each other and to ours, it’s also deadly intensification of power.

This month conducted extensive training day on the subject of collecting fire fighting space combat ל”עוצבת the steel Division, crucial during combat. Commanders from Lieutenant Commander to Commander Division company
General Aegean Ezekiel himself from dozens of live artillery brigades, engineer and Armor Division’s reserve, and the operational headquarters of central command.

The course included theoretical part I survey the field of combat and collection, as well as some
Practical. The practical part took place when troops on two competing stations: collecting weapons in combat, enemy day company disclosure numeric field and identification planning observations categorized layout רק”ם (armoured fighting vehicle), and fire drill planning within 40 minutes of mortars, artillery and helicopter gunships. The highlight of the day was recorded in live view shooting mortars and detonators.

“We view that shooting is closest as possible to convey the feeling of what commanders in war, a constitutive experience”, explained to the IDF website designed control pillar of fire, bind
The Division’s artillery, Colonel Mahdi Silberstein. “This is a unique training feature, a practitioner in a practical manner and promotes professionalism in these sectors,” noted. He said the study emphasizes the many lessons learned from operation cast lead and the second Lebanon war, especially in the fire.

Translated from Hebrew