First: ה’שמשון was jumping from the plane.

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The ה’שמשון gives a significant advantage in jump because it can carry dozens of combatants and to descend to a lower altitude: “harder to identify where and whether was parachuting”

תאריך: 10/02/2015, 17:03    
מחבר: רתם קליגר, אתר צה”ל

חיל האוויר

Automatic fall first week from ה’שמשון, near palmahim air force base. The plane is characterized by enlarged trunk volume, the ability to carry supplies and dozens of combatants and the option for long-distance flight and descent to a lower altitude from rhino–which gives a significant advantage when it comes to exits. “The main advantage of a low, sinking is harder to identify where and whether was parachuting, explained the project officer Samson in the pilot, Maj. Tal. “It allows time to ground combat, as the Warriors didn’t waste any time.
Up in the air “.

“The ability to hit the men’s most important operational utility of ה’שמשון aircraft, said Air Force Base Commander, Brig. Gen. sprouts lihu Hacohen. “The aircraft is operational kernel jointness with ground forces and one abilities fall. This is an important milestone in the long road of the aircraft to operational missions.

From now on will be more exits once per period. Starting to SAG just parachute instructors, and in mid-February dropped ammo crates provided command echelon of the paratroopers brigade. The first to fall was the Commander of the Flight Center and special qualifications (Rho), Lieutenant Colonel Nuriel nahmias and dropped about 30 trainees in the training course. “Our goal is to take advantage of the new aircraft in terms of amount of paratroopers,” explained Lieutenant Colonel air force site nahmias.
“The goal is to be compared to 54 86 paratroopers there ב’קרנף. ‘”

Airdrop from ה’שמשון is quiet, accurate and more convenient compared to other planes. The elephants Squadron record a year ago that the Samson and then worked nights as days.
In order to bring them to an operational qualification. “I estimate that at the end of March all the planes are unfit for each task having to perform, inter alia, also the food and equipment” fighters, said Maj. Tal. “The cooperation that we have received today the many lessons we learned and we hope to improve the flight 2258. ה’שמשון ‘ flying planes long-term lot example ה’קרנף aircraft, which were used to atznachot so far.

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